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Planet of Babylon

The main habitable planet of the Babylon System. The massive water surface is dotted in a grid of 'corporate cities.' Each of these individual cities is governed by the owning corporation with oversight provided by Andromeda Syndicate arbitrators.

The main landmasses are covered with bio-engineered earthen jungles. Terraformation misters run along the coasts of the main continents, providing constant moisture and precipitation inland. Below the jungles, there are restricted cave complexes that are owned and used for production by larger corporate entities.

Babylon also houses the largest naval academy and military production complex of the entire Syndicate. The location was chosen due to its secure line and quick travel to the Andromeda System. It also helps fuel the Citadel of Babel with personnel and munitions. Deep beneath the surface of Babylon it is rumored that the largest standing armory of Counters stands ready to fight in defense of the Syndicate.

Los Pioneros, Little Jhoutai
Surface Gravity
Rotation Period
1.3 Eden Days

Cover image: The Wheel before the Wayhall


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