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Babylon is a System deep within Andromeda Syndicate space. Location-wise, it sits between São Vima and the Syndicate hub world, Victoriana. It is a massive population hub, serving as the corporate headquarters of most of the smaller companies of the Syndicate.

Both the planet and its two moons are heavily terraformed and populated. The moons were designed to mimic the two first hubworlds, Jhoutai and Eden. The concept was to provide 'home away from home' for many of the mixed ethnicities that call the Syndicate their home.

While many of the more influental populations have received terraformed planets in the Andromeda System, the Babylon system contains many of the smaller ethnicities that still fled their homes for life free from the ValuSelu Pact or the Somnolent.


Babylon itself is a large terrestrial world with a small set of rings and two moons. The surface is approximately 87% water, but most of the water is covered by tens of thousands of floating corporate islands terraformed and leased by the planetary authority. Only the most influental companies can afford the fees on actual land, which is defined by dense jungle foilage and deep expanding cave complexes.

The planet also houses a space-born shipping yard that serves as both a trade port and security hub for the Andromeda System. The second largest Counter silo is built into Babylon's Surface, ready for deployment if ever needed to defend itself or the Syndicate.

Neighboring Systems
São Vima, Andromeda System
Notable Bodies
Planet of Babylon, Los Pioneros, and Little Jhoutai,

Moons of Babylon

Babylon has two moons, each of which were terraformed to resemble multiple different elements and ecosystems of Jhoutai and Eden. While there are many habitable reproductions in Andromeda space as well, the moons of Babylon served many of the less influental cultures of those home planets.

Little Jhoutai

The first moon of Babylon evolved into a home for the trillions of Sazashi who fled the Pact. Cities were built in massive super towers into the surface of the planet, the planet was then seeded with Jhoutaioan Coral. After several decades, the cities were half-buried in corallum shaped to mimic different Jhoutaian ecologies.

Many of the Sazashi owned businesses have satellite facilities on this planet. Many of the smaller Syndicate Sazashi ethnicities such as the Shejlt-Rajh, Parisan, and Ral-Mi have their own plantary districts on this moon.

The moon is known for having a strong Hedon presence, with many Hedon clubs actively promoting for tourism and employee recreation.

Los Pioneros

Known as the "Pathfinders Moon", Los Pioneros was dedicated to the many smaller cultures of humanity who fled Eden, often at tremendous risk to themselves. The planet is formed to the likeness of earthen ecologies. The major centers are city districts with associated districts of nature reserves. Many are named after historic human locations such as, New Sydney, Hispania, and The Commonwealth.

These districts terraformed via Orga Mecha projects that sought to restore a multitude of extinct species and pilfered geographic landmarks of Eden.

This moon has a Hedon presence, but it also harboring a strong House of Sorrows population as well.

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