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Vector Glove

Vector Gloves are a type of wand favored by hobbyists, tech enthusiasts, and academics. It also has many applications for the hard of sight or those with movement difficulties. It uses Kinesis magic to allow the wearer to feel around their environment and move lightweight objects around.

Vector gloves are developed by many different vendors, but the bar for commercial quality is high. Wearers want a tool that can be helpful at home and in the field, something which feels intuitive and ergonomic. Modern iterations are highly optimized to conserve Meta.

What impressed Aerun was the ease with which he was able to adopt the glove. He had only acquired them the evening before, and was already onto practicing the menuvers with his eyes closed. He couldn't do it without flinching yet, though, that one required either greater familiarity or a cultivation of stoicism.

Pulling his beanie down low over his eyes, Aerun reached outwards to where his collection of minerals was proudly displayed with labels and lights in the alcove shelf some two meters away. A shiver of excitement and astonishment ran down his spine as he felt the rounded outline of amythyst geode, then angled corners of bismuth, and then the hard faces of azurite. He couldn't feel their texture in this way, but the sensation of their phantom geometry against his fingertips and palms were enough to discern each from the last.

With just an iota of motion, he closed his fingers down around the azurite and felt a haptic twang through the strand of Kinesis, confirming that the amythyst was secure in its grasp. He flicked his hand back as though tugging on a yo-yo, and felt a similar tension tugging resisting the motion. A haptic tingle in his palm helped him to estimate by touch alone how close the azurite was to his palm, and he was able to stop it before it landed.

He opened his eyes, and broke into a wide grin. The azurite floated above his palm, jittering from the turbulence of his unrefined kinesis. The glove awoke and extended his capabilities, and as he became a better caster, his control would become more precise.

Pinching the rock between finger and thumb, he admired it in the light, and smiled as an old line came to mind.

"He's beginning to believe."

Subtype / Model


Vector Glove by MidJourney


Tool Toolkit
Clade Mecha and Psio
Difficulty0 — 2

Remote Grasp: 1 Soul & 1 Partial Action — Cast a Lvl. 1 Kinesis Insight and Direct Spell effective within 2 adjacent Spaces.


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Feb 8, 2024 00:29 by Barron

That was a fantastic show of Aerun learning how to use the glove. So the glove is different than a Kinetic sling right? Different classes of spells?

Feb 8, 2024 02:17 by Ademal

You can power up a glove up into being a full-sling. I was tempted to reflect that in the upgrades but just wanted to wrap the article

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Feb 8, 2024 01:06 by E. Christopher Clark

These sound awesome. I want a pair!

Now it's time for the awkward wave.
Feb 8, 2024 03:34 by Dimitris Havlidis

Can I haz one of those for ... remote control, "where the f is my phone .. oh there it is .. .ughh!" purposes please!

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Feb 8, 2024 07:03 by Ademal

Also handy for fetching drinks and getting keys out from behind the couch.

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Feb 9, 2024 13:49 by Dr Emily Vair-Turnbull

All I can think about is how useful this would be when my cane falls over out of reach. XD I love this idea.

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