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Systome Incorporated

Systome Incorporated is one of the original corporations that founded the Jupiter Syndicate, founded as one of the first knowledge-sharing sites on the Æthernet.

They invented the SysTome, physical 'books' which are interactive compendiums on individual topics.

"Success is measured in Knowledge, and knowledge can only be gained by failure."

Wise words, but what if you could just cut out the failure part? That's what Systome Incorporated does.

We compile all the knowledge you need on any topic you could desire— centuries of information and progress, all condensed down into the palm of your hand.

Combining the latest hybridizations of Meta and Mecha, our Systomes will give you the knowledge you need, when you need it.

When you have a Systome, failure isn't an option.

— Systome Customer Representive
From "Systome Advertising Splat 2"

Public Knowledge Curation

When the Æthernet was young, two humans wanted to build a hosting service for people to upload, curate, and provide knowledge. The ÆtherTome Project as it was first known, allowed any user to start knowledge collections.

Contributors could use the services for free in exchange for their efforts, while consumers could pay for subscriptions or one-time licenses to unique collections.




Pre-Banner Era

Subsidary of




Alastair Hepburn


Notable Catalogue

The SysTome

A handheld book that contains holographic pages and comes with curated knowledge on any topic the user has a license for.


Scaled down Systomes. They store far less data, and are used in bulk to stock colony Seed Libraries

Topic Licenses

These licenses unlock data downloads of individual topics from Systome Incorprated servers. They are offered in single-pay and subscription models.

A Universal Solution

Usage of the ÆtherTome Project exploded when the connection between Jhoutai and Eden solidified. It become a global hub for knowledge sharing, used both by corporations and personal users alike.

The expansion forced the Project to become a corporation, simplifing its name to ÆtherTome. They began to move away from voluntary curation, instead devising algorythims and machine learning to optimize and validate collections.

The company continued to grow. CEOs came and went, and the knowledge contained within ÆtherTome ballooned with each consecutive generation

Investors Come Knocking

It was not until Aempis began removing itself from Earth that Alistar Hepburn, representing the Hepburn and Luncaster Group, managed to buy out ÆtherTome in what was at the time one of the most expensive business arrangements in history.

Alistar Hepburn had plans for ÆtherTome, rather than paying for access on any device, Alistar pushed for the concept of a device specifically designed to use the massive libraries of data that he now owned.

The Birth of Systome

Alistar Hepburn caused an uproar in his first shareholders meeting. His first announcement— ÆtherTome was to be renamed. The company would rebrand as Systome Incorporated. His second announcement, the SysTome itself.

He oversaw the prototype of the first Systome, using an external storage that utilized Metaphysical and Mecha technologies to create an instant user experience.

I know many of you have questions about the Systome. Why would we make such a big change, so soon?

Do you know how many devices access our servers every day? Trillions and growing.

Imagine the improvements we could make if we had our own access method. It saves our time, and it will save our customers time.

I assure all of you, the Systome is the next step for us as a company.

— Alistar Hepburn
From the First Systome Shareholders Meeting

All Publicity is Good Publicity

The introduction of the SysTome was met with mixed reactions. Some users dubbed it the "Death of Knowledge", accusing Alistar of holding the servers hostage for profit.

Some called for boycotts of the product, and many turned to pirated versions of the servers. Alistare and Systome's PR team worked overtime to overwhelm the negative connations with positive reviews.

The SysTome did significantly improve the user experience, searches were faster, knowledge was easier to digest, and it could even stand up to the rigors of adventure and combat.

Eventually the positive reception of the product stiffled the voices that decried it, and Systome Incorporated with its flagship product was cemented as a premier source of knowledge for the entire universe.

Never-ending Quest for Knowledge

"You mean you'll pay me to explore and plunder the secrets of lost worlds?! Hell yeah I'm game, where do you want me?"

[NOTIFY: Interviewee has signed the employment contract.]

"Wait, is there life insurance?"

From Contractor Interview / Applicant #: 071A29C

Systomes have gone through revision after revision; faster, smaller, tougher, cooler. Though at the end of the day, everyone knew that the Systome itself relied on the knowledge that it was able to access.

Systome only had one way to gather knowledge, the partnership program allowed Systome users to contribute data in exchange for discounts on Systome products. When the universe began to expand after The Melancholic Lacuna, it soon became obvious that Systome Incorporated needed dedicated teams just to collect knowledge.

The Birth of Insight Incentive

Systome Incorporated created a new Subsidary dubbed Insight Incentives. Their charter was to gather the knowledge of the universe.

To acheive this, Insights had two routes. First, they would scout and commision the best talent they could find, purchasing and publishing their knowledge.

Second, they contracted parties to explore new locations and uncover lost knowledge from worlds lost during The Melancholic Lacuna

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