Hepburn and Luncaster Group

The Hepburn and Luncaster Group oversees educational technology from personal computers, to special devices for the handicapped, to neuron replacement therapy in mentally ill patients.   On behalf of The Archive, the Hepburn and Luncaster Group oversees hundreds of private/boarding schools, colleges, public school housings, and athletic facilities. They are responsible for churning out about 45% of all Doctors, Science award winners, Film directors, modern artists, and Olympic athletes in all of Victoriana—to a lesser (but not negligible degree) a large part of The Jupiter Syndicate as well.  


The Systemopædia (SysTome)

Their premier product. The SysTome is a line of apparatus for the especially privileged members of intellectual society, specifically for young children, parents, and travellers. They can take you through triple A college courses, teach you new languages, or simply be used as a supercomputer and life management tool.

Child Care Drone

A line of unimposing nanny-bot which work in conjunction with a SysTome to raise and care for a child.

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The Archive

Important Figures

Alastair Hepburn Co-Founder, Head of the Department of Technology.
Matelda Hepburn Heir Apparent to her Alistair's Half of the Company.
Duke Carnroy Luncaster Co-Founder, Head Dean of Educational Affairs.

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