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Eugene Eisenkov

Humanity is an ancient concept, and all through our evolution we have always grasped a few concepts: eat, fuck, kill.

We continously learn and apply new ideas to these, but as with any good recipe or sex position sometimes the classics are the best, right?

Now MagiaTech, we produce tools that are as nostalgic as home cooking, and taps into humanities affinity for violence.

— Eugene Eisenkov
Eugene's Pitch to potential customers.

Eugene Eisenkov is an IreHeart gunsmith, who has gained Monolithic status. He is co-founder and chief engineer of Magia Technologiae along with Y'ceric tor Grylun'Siche

Eugene Eisenkov brings a encyclopedic knowledge of human firearms history to the company, which is crucial for producing classic-appearing firearms which can stand up to the requirements of modern combat.

A Physical Historian

Eugene Eisenkov was born on Victoriana, where he spent the majority of his young life working on security for Willow Corp..

Throughout his role as corporate police, he focused on the company arsenal. His love of weaponry went beyond just the company. He played war games on the side, made simulations fo all different weapons, and studied military history.

He took particular interest in human history; studying Eden, its wars, and its weapons.

Eugene would take his off hours at the company range and armory, tinkering and honing his skill with all matter of firearms.

It was during this time that he encountered the Junior Armorer of Willow Corp Security, Y'ceric the Khirmagne. They bonded over their love of weaponry, but both of them seeked to do more than maintain. They wanted to produce.

A Chance Given

The year that started Eugene's career was not an easy one, Willow Corp. downsized their security force and so both Eugene and Y'ceric were left to live off the Jupiter Syndicate safety net.

With only a basic income but plenty of knowledge, Eugene and Y'ceric went into business together, working as a pair of gunsmiths specializing in custom work.

They worked through contract and commission, producing intricate and powerful firearms of all varieties.

Y'ceric brought his Khirmagne experience of modern firearms, while Eugene brought his historic love and human ergonomics.

Soon they began to produce their own models based on ancient pattern designs, these firearms sold well to collectors and adventurers.

Monolithic Gain

In order to gain his first military contract, Eugene Eisenkov traveled to a contested world to sell his Patrol rifle to a Federation plantary militia.

During that time, he and Y'ceric were forced to demonstrate their weapons effectiveness in combat during a brutal two-week seige. During this time, Eugene suffered a brutal injury that deflected off his rifle and embedded in his chest.

He survived the injury and through it became a Monolith.

One rumor amongst MagiaTech employees is that the bullet that granted him his Monolithic feat is still lodged within his chest.

The Expansion of MagiaTech

With military contracts flowing in, Eugene gained the funds to grow and experiment with new projects. The company moved into ammunition production. Using a team of specialized meta-engineers, Eugene established a new production plant.

This facility incorporated the best equipment with the best minds to produce an expensive but extremely powerful line of ammunition that utilizes Meta enchantments to create devestating payloads.

The introduction of stable metaphysical ammunition helped set MagiaTech above it competitors. Magiatech became the name established with high-end custom firearms that paired with their devestating ammunition.

Current Location

Notable Designs

Automat Eisenkov

The AE Rifle is one of MagiaTechs mass-produced designs aimed at collectors and enthusiasts. These wood-furniture rifles are designed to specification to ancient human pattern of rifle.

These rifles are particularly popular among human clientele.

AE Patrol

A synthetic and mass-produced version of the Automat Eisenkov, the Patrol Rifle was designed to swipe military contracts for being an affordable and effective infantry weapon.

The AE Patrol Rifle is one of MagiaTech's top earning rifles.

Sazakraht .58 Magnum

The Sazakraht is a large frame revolver that many joke is as controllable as a holstered artillery piece.

The ancient design is reliable, powerful enough to put down a Sazakraht, and stylized to the users preference.

Khatoum Marksman

A high-end rifle designed with accuracy and penetration in mind.

This large-bore rifle uses a short-recoil system to dampen recoil from its multiating cartridge.

Custom Work

Eugene Eisenkov still takes jobs from MagiaTech Customs, the subsidary company takes on unique projects to restore and upgrade existing firearms.

These jobs often involve the maintainence of Affinity weapons, which are one of the few projects which provide a challenge for the experienced mind of Eugene.

The Directoriate

Eugene and Y'ceric joined the Directoriate under the MagiaTech name, one of the only dual ownerships that help run the Jupiter Syndicate.

Eugene is often seen as the cooler side of MagiaTech, with Y'ceric being more hotheaded and prone to advocating conflict. Eugene's unique personality does give him a cult following admist those Syndicate citizens with political interest.

Listen, we could sit here and bullshit about the Somnolent's incursion on Julius II all week; or we can do what we are meant to do and take action.

I say we slam 'em with a trade blockade. We hit 'em where it hurts, in the wallet.

— Eugene Eisenkov
Streamed Directoriate meeting, responding to Somnolent aggression.

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