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MagiaTech Customs is a subsidiary company of Magiatech, they serve as the Syndicates leading team of gunsmiths and meta-engineers. The focus of MTC lies on a per-client basis, they take guns that hold substantial history and renovate them with latest technology. Every firearm from pre-advent human muskets to Khirmagne tank-busting pistols can be sent in to MTC to be refit for combat on the modern battlefield.  


There is a reasoning behind what MagiaTech Customs do, besides provide antique guns the capability to fight modern enemies. In the Universe of Ethnis, many pieces with substantial history gain powers that can not be explained. These items, named Affinities, are prized and often fought over. For example, how valuable would a pistol be if it fired ammo that somehow managed to penetrate armor, or always found an extra round in the magazine?   The inherent issue these Affinities is they are often times too old to be useful in the Banner Era. This is where MagiaTech Customs offers their experience and services. They take affinities and revamp them with modern technology, while still maintaining the original Affinity within. Many take this as an answer to the Ship of Theseus Paradox in relation to affinities. MagiaTech Customs can spend anywhere from weeks to years on a single project, so whether or not it is just a slow procedure of replacement or something far more intrinsic is a closely held company secret.  


MagiaTech Customs, once reached out to with a prospective project, will send out an Appraiser to meet the customer personally. During this initial visit, they will discuss the Affinity in question and if possible ask for a demo of the weapon and its properties. After some discussion of the project, the Appraiser will return to MagiaTech Customs and determine an upfront cost to take in the weapon and begin resmithing it.   If they customer is then interested, MagiaTech Customs will return to retrieve the piece personal and bring it back to their headquarters. The company will continue to stream live updates of the process, and update the price if their are any unforeseen consequences of modifying the Affinity. Projects have been known to range from thousands to millions of credits. The customer always accepts the price because they get the job they paid for.  


MagiaTech Customs work on Affinities often brings them head to head with The Archive, who wishes to collect and protect Affinities from public abuse. Since MagiaTech Customs brings Affinities to operational status, the Archive has been known to attempt to sabotage or even steal projects.   In order to counteract this, MagiaTech Customs operates in-house to claim, ship, and appraise customers Affinities. Customers are told not to speak to anyone other then a licensed MagiaTech Customs representative during the process, and are required to sign a non-disclosure about the processes they witness.

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