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The Market Stage

The city of Kkrinth was built akin to a Shakespearean theater. And in the middle of it the greatest stage that has ever existed. The Market Stage


The Market Stage serves as a central market and community gathering center for the major Kytherian city of Kkrinth. The Market Stage is comparable to size as a football field, and is constantly packed with merchants and cultural shows for tourists and locals alike.


The Market

The primary section of the Market stage is reserved by an always open sky-market that hosts both large and small businesses. The flea-market like set-up stretches the entire width of the stage from wall to wall.

The Stage

At the center of the Market Stage sits an open stage. At its center stands a statue of Anthem, whose gaze falls upon the open area. A constant agenda of shows and entertainment plays out on this stage, hosted by actors striving to impress Anthem.

Previous Usage

Many people believe that the Market Stage used to be some sort of place of worship for Anthem. There is no solid evidence besides the monument to prove that, and many just assume that the planet had an Anthem-loving populace before The Melancholic Lacuna.

The Actors Rumor

A small sect of people in Kkrinth believe that the Stage holds within it a great gift for whomever can play the most spectactular show. Some think that Anthem herself silently judges the shows, waiting for one show that surpasses them all.

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Alternative Names
The Center
Market square
Parent Location
There is much beauty in Kytheria, but if you leave without spending a day in the Market Stage, then you have wasted your time here.
— Local Guide

Cover image: The Wheel before the Wayhall


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