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How can you hope to understand the meaning of life without opening your mind to the countless others going through the same struggle? That is what Kytheria really is, it is a place to act, to learn, and to further your understanding of our universe.
— Destin

The Mentor of Kytheria

Destin believes himself as the traditional Mentor for many of Kytheria's citizens and visitors. He always is able to guide those who visit. Anyones business can wind up as his business. While some might find this annoying, most take much from his words and advice.

Power through Understanding

Destin serves as a guiding voice to many of the Actors who stay on Kytheria in attempts to improve their craft. He often preaches that the best way to true enlightenment is to understand the perspectives of as many people as possible.

To this end, he can often times be found on The Market Stage attempting to act out new dramas with either his own uplifted hounds, or other actors.


Destin is an IreHeart with a blond mane often kept unkempt. His clothes are often unassuming, and his demeanor is often unassuming until he is on the stage. Whereever he goes, he carries a bag of treats/tools for his uplifted dogs.

The Hounds

Destin owns four hounds, all of them uplifted in intelligent to the point of being able to talk and think somewhat for themselves. Their personalities are in stark contrast, but all tie back to their breed.
The Lab
An energetic canine, the Labrador will often greet strangers, attempting to get to know them through a constant barrage of excited questions.
The Mastiff
A workhouse of a dog, the Mastiff is cool and to the point. It never leaves Destin's side.
The Beast
A strange new breed that holds many features of a boar. The Beast says few words, but always looks ready to defend Destin at the twitch of a hand.
The Greyhound
A mysterious and lanky looking canine, it speaks in eloquence. Many are unsure the abilities of the greyhound, and it certainly has no intention of telling.

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Current Location
Mind strangers in the wilds of Kytheria, it's pretty lawless out there and there's some treasure out there that many would find worth killing over, and that's ignoring the dangers of the synthisaurs.
— Destin

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