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The Orchestra of Hellfire

There is rumor of two items that lay in the ruins of Kytheria. The Q Baton, and the Sonnenrad Thurible. Place them together, and the world is your oyster. A well-toasted Oyster.


Shadows of Death

The idea that two Affinity can find a way to work together is not unheard of, bu tno partnership is so dire as the rumored joining of the Q Baton and Sonnenrad Thurible. Each item on its own is a dangerous power to behold. The Sonnenrad can incinerate cities in uncontrollable shadow fire. The Q Baton can sway the hardiest of minds with its enchanting songs.

The rumor has it, when these items are used by the same individual, the Thurible becomes a unstoppable blaze, controllable only by the the Q Baton. A dangerous prospect that if true could make the Thurible a potentially planet destroying weapon that can be wielded by a lone operator.


The Actors

There are many on Kytheria who hear of this myth and spend a good chunk of their lives attempting to find one of the two pieces. They are both rumored to be on the planet itself, and so many venture tirelessly, seeking out the power that can bring entire planets to ashes.

Even the Banners are not immune to the rumor, many Banners have sent search parties out to attempt to locate these items.

The only ones who might have solid answers on the whereabouts of these objects are The Archive. If they were to find the two objects, it would most likely never be known. They do not advertise their finds, nor do they stoke the flames of their rumors.

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I've seen too many kids throw their lives to the Synthisaur trying to chase down this Orchestra of Hellfire, I just hope you don't wind up the same.

Planet of Origin

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