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Appraiser's Gloves

The Appraiser's Gloves are an Affinity item which allow the wearer to learn abstract properties of whatever they touch—it won't necessarily tell you what an item does, but it tells you about the feeling and effects the item may have, and in the hands of a clever induvidual, this can be a powerful asset.

The Gloves are owned by the Archive and worn by one of the Regents, Alexander the Undying.

One of the most modest belongings of the Archive, and one of its most powerful... on the right hands.

Archivist Gorkam


The Appraiser's Gloves have a modest origin as the inherited working gloves of a dynastic family of Verin jewelers and enchanters. Five generations of Verin wore these gloves and imparted on and through them whispers of their Soul and Meta.

"Step aside," Alexander said, voice resonating through my chest. His voice was so deep and so timbrous that each word was a drum down the column of my spine. He spoke, and so I listened.

Alexander put his hand on the black blade and ran the leathery fingertips of his gloves from the hilt to the tip of the blade. Even by that touch alone the blade seemed to sing, whispering a keening that tickled my inner ear and made my molars ache.

"It's a Sin-Eater blade," Alexander said. "It's powerful against corrupted artifacts and souls, but it carves the corruption from them and consumes it, becoming corrupt itself. Many a knight has fallen from grace and become a warrior of loathing because they did not destroy their Sin Eater before is destroyed them.

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Item type
Clothing / Accessory
Current Holder
Owning Organization


Like all Affinity, the appearance of the Gloves changes with time to best suit their owner. In their current form they are sleek and black with golden iconography emblazoned on the palms and the backs of each hand. These symbols reflect their origin, and are written in ancient Verin Aeei. They are a poem on the nature of learning about things by connotation instead of denotation.

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Very interesting article! Good idea to have a powerful weapon in such a simple form

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