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Alexander the Undying

Alexander the Undying is the Pillar of Stone, he is renowned for his Solid Meta capabilities, which include carving craters into the earth and cleaving mountains with a single blow—feats which his master, no any other, has ever been able to equal.

Alexander is one of the Regency of the Archive, and it is said that he keeps a private council of many of those entities of Ethnis who have willfully fallen into the background to work on projects unknown, and that personally may have the audience of Sovereign Euphraesthi.

Everyone remembers what I broke, nobody remembers what I made. And in that is the fundamental issue of this world, and what I work to undo.

— Alexander


Alexander was born on Jhoutai (Planet) as the son of Slog farmer. When his family fell on hard times (due to to Aempian restrictions pushing business out of their neck of Nege so that they could take it over) he was adopted, with Nicodemus, Jhonas, and Cordelai, by his Aunts. They, unlike his parents, were extremely wealthy.

Don't trust them, sons. Their wealth is the product of corruption, that's why we live here, that's why I abandoned the family. They will try to pull you into their lifestyle, they will try to make you a magnate, a weapon, and a tool. Do not let them. Learn from them, and when you are old enough to be your own man, escape with each other and Jhonas and Cordelia.

— Tigari to his sons.

As his father suspected, Alexander was groomed by his aunts to have a negative view of Humanity and Earth, to see Humans as a lesser, less intelligent species. He did not buy into this view, nor did he support his family's exploitation of Human markets in the form of pharmaciuticals, weaponry, and technology.

He was unable to leave the family before the worst came to pass and the Rilaem war broke out. He was offered up by his family to become an officer in the Aempian army to fight the Rilaem, a war which left a scar a mile wide on his psyche.

Time and time again I learned that my siblings died, only for it to be false. Each time I was left wondering if it was a lie to motivate me, to twist me. It worked, because through the war I pushed myself harder and harder, and I allowed Aempis to push me as well. Where my bones broke, they made them Carbitanium. Where my spirit faltered, they gave me war drugs. And when my heart broke—destroyed by the combination of adrenaline and sorrow the the loss of my family and the hatred of the Dissonant—they gave me a new machine. No longer did I have a heartbeat, I had the roar of an engine of hate.

It took me a long time to stop being the monster they made me to be.

— Alexander

After the war, Alex was left to pick up the pieces and work off his debt to the Aempis.


Important Family

Tigari Jhiem Tor Jadey (Father)

Krinna Fantal Tor Vestra (Mother)

Osborne Jadey (Cousin)

Nicodemus Jadey (Brother)

Jhonus Jehai Tor Jadey (Brother)

Cordelia Nceana Tor Jadey (Sister)


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