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Archivist is a title used universally to refer to anyone who does field work for the archives.   Though the Archive is, publicly, an academic enterprise, Archivists have a reputation of being gung-ho adventurers with exciting and interesting lives. They're the ones who explore the ruins of the old worlds to uncover their secrets, who find anomalies and intrigues which science boggles to explain.   Archivists commonly take on the role of a world's Coroner and Eulogist, determining what caused the colony or civilization to die and then writing a report commemorating them. This report is added to public listing, and kept within the Archive Library.   They also work as Artificer, whose job it is to find strange artifacts and determine if their nature is purely metaphysical or if they are Affinities, objects with power beyond the understanding of physics and metaphysics.   Due to the dangers of the job, it is not uncommon for field Archivists to end up dead, extremely powerful, or both. In some cases, Archivists are allowed to wield minor Affinities.

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