Written by Ademal

The job of a Euologist is to explore dead worlds for clues as to how they died. It is a rigorous and often lethal job, and so requires a fit and skilled Archivist.   They serve as an anthropological expert and skilled writer who can tell the story of a dead world in a way that respects and immortalizes it for the world to see and appreciate.   Euologists will go to a recently rediscovered world, sometimes even solo, and will serve as a combination of archaeologist, adventurer, and writer.   There's a lot of reason to explore these worlds, and to be on-site as fast as possible before they are tainted by recolonization. A millenium of isolation from the hub worlds has often resulted in at least one or two worthwhile technological advancements which can be re-sold to the larger sphere. Euologists keep an eye for that, but the advancements they seek to take from these worlds are moer social—they see them as failed experiments na dseek to learn from those failures.   They go to non-failed worlds as well, but not as often.

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