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Kohliya's Staff

Kohliya's Staff is a defensive weapon and utility piece that incorporates both a metal-band whip and two-handed staff fitted a dispenser with Crow's Breath nano-technology.

The staff itself is an artifiact nearly as old as Saumai, originally forged by Kohliya Venistasia before the fall of the planet.

It is rumored that Crow holds the whip half of the weapon still, while the staff is still with Kohliya in his Nest.

As Crow whipped the two-handed staff about his front, a long cracking whip of metal gouged the ground beneath. Fire erupted from the base of the staff, trailing up the metal line like it was awash with gasoline.

The fire arced away in a flash of blinding light, reflecting off the red lenses of Crow's mask. The little Crow became much more intimidating when shrouded by his staff.

The Head

The Head of the staff consists of a detachable whip with a metal lashing. Within the hilt of the whip is a powerful fire spell which courses up the entire length of the whip, casting out fire in a wide arc.

It can also be used with a crack to send a fireball flying in a direction, causing mayhem on whatever it hits.

The Staff

The Staff is along metal two-handes stave with grip points and hardened tips. A dispenser and processor of Kohliya's proprietary nanobots is built into the shaft, ready to be deployed with a twist of the handle. When deployed, a faint blue cloud will seek out injuries both on the wearer and those tagged as friendly.

Item type
Weapon, Melee


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