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Nictimannu Divine Armory

The Nictimannu are an armory of enchanted weapons forged by Alephus Ashiman between 9730 and 9770 CS for use by the Nictipagua. The full armory has swords, axes, a bow, and more.

Their construction and enchantments give them the ability to disrupt Spells and Feats of Grace, and to pierce Divine Flesh. These abilities are useful for their purpose, which at the time of constructon was for hunting Monolith who conspired against the Vadakendanic Procession and for killing any tyrant Sovereign.

The most wonderous thing about the Nictimannu is that they're powerful enough to slay a sovereign, and yet they aren't even Alephus' most powerful creations.

Parisan Master Smith


Alternative Name(s)
The Divine Armory
Nictimannu (Aeai)
Item type
Weapon, Other

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Cover image: This Machine Kills Sinners by Ademal


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