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Nictishamei Alloy

Nictishamei Alloy is made by infusing processed Schaeus into smelted materials as they cool, and by using Solid meta to influence how the alloy settles and hardens.

This result is stronger than its base parts, with high meta-conductivity and capacity. The strongest wands and enchanted objects use Nictishamei Alloys in their construction.



Weapons cast from Nictishamei are painstaking to make, and require a full team of Psiolic as part of the process. The result is slightly heavier than its base materials, but is many times stronger and regenerative.

Forges which know how to create Nictishamei weapons are rarer than the weapons themselves.

Nictishamei alloy isn't simply a different way to treat metal, it is superior in every significant metric.

Building Material

Most Mid-Procession structures were made by grinding Jhoutaioan Coral into a coarse powder, mixing in a silica sand and fungal spores, and imbuing them with Schaeus to create Nictishamei bricks. With proper masonry, the entire structure acted as a singular meta-infused object. If cracked, the exposed spores grew and filled the space with a dense cement.

This construction fell out of favor after a few thousand years, when the Procession realized haunted and Corrupted Nictishamei buildings posed an existential threat.

Nictishamei ruins remain the hardest to penetrate when exploring The Under of Jhoutai.

I placed my hand upon the glowing stone of the city wall, brushing my fingers over its etched surface. The whispered memories of thousands of years of knowledge coursing through it, like blood courses through veins.

I asked it a question, and it answered. I asked it to replenish my meta, and it did. I asked it to show me the way to the nearest apothecary, and I felt myself drawn west.


Translation (Hover)
Nictishamei (Aeai)

Easy Repair

One of the benefits of Nictishamei is that it is easy to repair. Material lost can be replaced with meta, or introduced into the weapon in its molten form and reintegrated through Solid meta.

If the weapon has a Soluma, it can be trained to self-repair as well, and even to modify its shape over time. This is the case for many of the more famed Nictishamei constructions.


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30 Dec, 2020 04:05

Wow. I want a meta-infused building.   just, you know, not the evil kind.

30 Dec, 2020 05:06

They were in use for several thousand years, so for 99.99% of inhabitants they were great. They were cities and homes that emotionally cared about their inhabitants, and so did all the little things to make them feel at home.   Kinda like if house elves from Harry Potter were instead friendly phantoms reminiscent of the forest spirits from Princess Mononoke.   I plan to do an article on them eventually!

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Eventually came early!

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'[H]aunted and Corrupted Nictishamei buildings posed an existential threat.' There are a lot of stories in this single quote. Really interesting material with a lot of potential.

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Thank you! I ended up writing about exactly that for most of today!

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