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Franklin's Rifle

Franklin's Rifle is a known low-level affinity weapon that demonstrates more power during dangerous situations. The rifle is a several-century old rifle of human origin. The rifle sports a 8x Optic, walnut furniture, and is a large bore bolt-action.

Experiment Log Begin. Category - Weapon. ID - 26029AP. Moniker - Franklin's Rifle.

We let Archivist Eronal take Franklin's Rifle into the plains of Kytheria. She was ordered to survive on her own using only the item in question. The results are consistent with the reports.

— Archivist Librarian

A Rifle Born From Survival

The Wielder

Franklin was a Federation Meteor Rider who served in the skirmish over the newly acquired planet Holdun II. During the fight, Franklin was shot down and crash landed onto Holdun II.

The arctic planet was inhospitable to say the least. And based on the Journal of Franklin he approached death several times, which fractured his sanity to a near unrecoverable state. The family rifle he sported apparently saved his life against threats far larger than the rifle was intended to take down.

Sadly, Franklin died of his extreme frostbite and trauma only a day before his body and rifle were located.

Based on the logs from Eronal, with every day growing tougher and tougher, the rifle would gain significant strength. This was tested against a provided ballistic gel set.

As the days of hardship progressed, the rifle penetrated deeper into the gel. There was a significant boost in the lethality on day 26, in which Eronal was attacked an injured by a local Synthisaur.

We concluded the experiment there. We know what we are dealing with.

— Archivist Librarian


Currently Franklin's Rifle is held within The Archive Armory. As it is deemed to be a minor threat, it can be assigned to any proven Archivist. The Rifle is currently undergoing alignment trials, to check if it prefers a certain host personality or not.

Tech Info
For more info, read: Technology in Ethnis
Meta Property
Presents only minor threats, Affinity is active only in survival situations
Affinity Trigger
Forcing a wielder into a bad situation can cause the rifle to gain increasing levels of lethality.
Currently inside Archivist's Armory - Stage 2 Security


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