Perdurian Meteor Riders

The Perdurian Meteor Riders are a special fleet of fighting craft and their pilots. They are unique because of their background. This special unit is crafted only at the call of Artosen Khandea II, and they are only pulled from the best Asteroid Drag racers. They specialize in fast reconnaissance, maneuverability, and legality in space.
You want to see the best fucking pilots in the universe? Look on over to my Meteor Riders. I pay 'em, I equip 'em, and I flaunt 'em!   Ask the Haimarchy! Those horned pricks know the death-slinging efficiency of these bastards first hand.

A Lifetime of Training

I always get my Riders through one on one chats. Always at a bar, and they never know I'm coming. Ya always get the best reactions. I even got one poor tiny GearHeart to throw up.   We made her call sign "Chunky."
Perdurian Meteor Riders are pulled from the top racers of the system. Most have spent decades training to gain the glory in the sport of Asteroid Drags. In order to race, a pilot must have near-monolithic reflexes, superb engineering, and impressive strength and vitality.   That training becomes vital in combat, and the constant danger of the sport desensitizes the pilots to the otherwise paralyzing conditions of space-based warfare.


The Meteor Riders equipment is custom built to each individual pilot. Built with the full backing of Digger Co. these vessels can be some of the most expensive but effective vehicles in the Federation fleet.   They are most commonly built from the ground up using the Asteroid-Class Wayship base, as it is what the pilots are most accustomed to.  
I swear to the Wheel, I crossed the wrong end of the Perdurian approach past the Wayhall Port. I thought there was nothing but rocks out there.   But then ten of the rocks come screaming at me, weapons spun up and warnings blaring in my comms. Damn near made me shit my pants.
— Freighter Pilot

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Screamin' Rocks!

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Digger's Racers

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