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Kohliya's Lantern

Kohliya's lantern is a glowing red Divinorium stored in an ornate, bulky, wrought-iron casing. Its red glow illuminates Geists regardless of their state, mesmerizing them and drawing them into itself for Kohliya to take back to his library.

It is used to capture and hold geists for later storage in a Grimoire tome, and has the ability to mesmerize and pause geists. The more geists it holds, the more haunted events happen around it. Each day, roll 1d100 for a chance of haunting event. If the roll is lower than the amount of ghosts in the lantern, a haunting event happens.

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Looking into the lantern felt like drowning.

Its glow was warm, an agonizing comfort when Allarah was trying her hardest to steel herself to battle the monstrosity clutching onto the lantern. It made her bones ache in new ways, and tugged her eyelids downwards. All she wanted was to bask in its glow, to rest by its warmth. She knew, innately, that if she did she would be taking a last rest.

Her soul clawed at the prison of its body, reminding Allarah of every pain—of every wound gone and every wound still red. It wanted out, it wanted the warmth of a safe cage.

She rallied against it, finding herself in the pain, and hoisted a trembling hand with all the effort of lifting the sky.

"This is not my home," she snarled, exhausted, as kinetic energy whipped around her hands and burst outwards, cutting snowflakes in half and cracking through the barrier spell between her and Kohliya. The seven-winged monster floated just beyond the reach of her spell, head spinning on its spine to point directly at her.

Cover image: The Saumain Crow by Ademal via Midjourney


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