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The Black Blade

The Coffin-Nail of the World

Written by Ademal

A mysterious blade acquired by Allarah on Kilnrest after she was separated from the group.   Dmitri, Sorja, Agata, and Tyodor (dead at the time) were present when she acquired it.   It has strange abilities which have yet to be understood, such as being able to kill a Shade.  

The blade was simple—something hammered from dark metal into modest form. Meta curled along its length, casting a red glow by which light they saw the fog around the shade disappear, its true outline revealed.

The blade struck the shade and the red glow rippled through it like wildfire, fracturing and fissioning it until, with an explosive burst it curled in upon itself and flickered from being.

— B2CH1-4
Item type
Weapon, Melee
Current Holder


True Power
What is the true power of the blade? Does it come with any drawbacks?What was it made to do?



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