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Written by Allarah, Formatted by Barron

Queen of Bones, Of the Family, Eulogist Esraena Thelosus'rus (a.k.a. Allarah)

Excerpt from Secrets of Saumai

His pupils dilated at the question. "Are you willing to sacrifice some to save many?" The wisp of a question, only loud enough to be heard. "If there is no other choice." Her eyes fell to her cup as she traced the rim. "I don't see anyone but myself as expendable. I know this is a sentiment you don't agree with, but I don't know what difference I truly make. It's obvious the leaders don't trust me. You've demonstrated that clearly." A small pause took hold as she finished off her cup and filled it again. "You all look at me as if I've already lost my mind. Even Synna..." The name sounded raw on her tongue. "You said my face concerned you because I wasn't making many expressions... Yet... When I do show my emotions it's met with the same result. I'm damned if I do and I'm damned if I don't... If I'm believed to be mad, and I'm not trusted, what purpose do I truly serve?" She coughed, more to clear the question from the room than to clear her throat. "I will sacrifice only if I have no other choice."


Allarah is a Faeo far from home. At a young age she found she did not agree with everything the Haimarchy taught her, favoring instead the history of humans and the triumphs of Sazashi; and so she left. However, being the only surviving Heir to her home planet of Phaeus has made her a fugitive of her banner, forcing her to move from place to place to avoid capture. After 60 years of careful evasion, she was finally found, and as such fled to the only place, supposedly, out of their reach. Saumai.Since falling to the planet's surface she has experienced nothing short of constant consternation. Allarah was appointed leader of the trundler and the five other envoys that landed, she has witnessed the horrific deaths or friends and lovers alike, made soul rending and sanity breaking deals with shambling horrors, and faced the total annihilation of her people. With each new scar on her psyche, she loses just a bit of the person she was when she landed, and each tragedy chips away at her devotion to the crew. Every day pushes her closer to total insanity, but in truth, does anyone care?  


Long legs, Modest figure, Skin white as marble. She could easily be mistaken for a statue from far off if not for her clothing. Angular cheekbones, straight nose, and short horns for her age make up the plains of her face. Identifying Features: Large burn scar curling up the entirety of her left arm, over the shoulder, and down her back following her spine.  

Important Moments

Defining or revealing moments about the character. Organized by Book and Chapter within the campaign.


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The Men-Mountains regarded Don and Ulysses as they entered. "-Blood traitors,-" one muttered to the other, earning an amused grunt. Endeavoring to at least appear sober, Immuena simply asks the daunting mountain-men and their leader, "Can we help you?" in a polite tone, of course. Little did she know, she appeared more sober than she could've dreamed. Her hair, fixed, her gaze, locked, her words, steady, and most importantly, her posture was reminiscent of royalty. Allarah stood and strode toward the men mountains, made more bold by the drink, but nothing showed through her face and actions. As far as others were concerned she was stone cold sober. She stopped when she was five feet from them and responded in their native tongue. "-Why not repeat that in Ubiq?-" As one, the group stopped. One of the men mountains took a step forward and started to speak. Their leader raised his hand to stop them. "Dmitri... -Be still.-" Dmitri grunted and stopped advancing, but he was so close that he and Allarah were almost face to face. The leader looked coolly up at her, then to Immuena, a complex expression playing over his face as he looked the Faecha from heel to peak. "You already have. You and Hedon, that is -- you're going to make it far too easy to induct Saumai into the Somnancy." Allarah and Dmitry were still squaring off. The two figures at the back of the party were ushered up the stairs by a glance from their leader, and moved with heads and shoulders bowed. "Confident aren’t we?" Allarah didn't look away from Dmitri or change her posture. She was determined to stand her ground. The leader of the Somnolent Convoy gave Allarah a smirk as he looked up into her eyes and studied her features. "And why not? The Empire of the Somnolent, whom we serve with utmost dedication, will not fail." His smirk became a genuine smile, radiant with pride for his cause. Dmitry was leaning so close now that the ram horns of his helmet were quite nearly tangling themselves with Allarah’s own. Ulysses stood and took a swing of his beer. He remembered people like this. People who thought they were better than others just because they had power, money, or a God who told him they were better. He hated them. "Look buddy we’re not here for trouble and I don't think you are either, but if you keep on pushing, you’ll certainly find it.” Ulysses looked him dead eyes. “Now if you'd be so kind please step away from my friend." Putting his arm between Allarah and Dmitri, he guided the larger man back a step. Ulysses raised his beer up he smiled. "Now how about we all calm down and have a drink. Dmitri, obviously shaken that Ulysses would dare touch him (and, perhaps, by the unshakeable Allarah staring him up) weakly slapped at Ulysses hand. The smaller IreHeart dodged easily.

B1C02 - Feast

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"I would love to take you up on that smoke sometime. And If there's anything you need, you can let me know." She coughed a laugh. "Maybe I'm a fool to be so trusting, but I think you're one of the good guys. I hope I'm not wrong." She extended her hand to shake his. "I mean it though, if it's within reason. Same goes for Synna of course." She paused for just a moment before before speaking again. "Unless you don't trust me... Which really wouldn't be much of a stretch now that I think about it." She chuckled, but there was no joy in it. Lyshjo took Allarah's hand and clasped it firmly. "I'd be a fool not to have reservations and a liar to deny them, but Synna trusts you, and that was good enough for me. We hadn't known about the com room tap, though, thanks for the heads up on that one. The rest of your crew... I'm not so certain about. I take it you're following them down to the surface, then?" "I'm not really sure about the rest of my group. And of course I'm going. Maybe I can manage to do some good after today... maybe hinder the Somnolent a bit. How about you?" He shook his head. "Only Laemon, our Sauthe, is going. None of us are quite so spry as..." He paused and looked up as the door opened and Ulysses stepped in. Allarah established a div link as soon as she saw him. <I assume this conversation stays between us, yes?> <Us and Synna. She sent me because her leaving would be conspicuous.> <Understood. I won’t tell a soul. So what were we talking about for his sake?> <We're holding hands. See it wrong and it looks like we're cutting a deal. Either kiss me or slap me.> A stir of emotions. Either option appealed to him, touching his mind made her privy to that knowledge. Allarah stroked Lysjho's cheek as she leaned in and kissed him, almost as if she hadn't noticed Ulysses' arrival. After a moment, she leaned away with a mischievous smile, not removing her hand from his cheek. <How was that?> His hand pulled away from her jaw where he'd cupped as they kissed. Smoke spilled from their matching smiles. She was met with a blur of emotion and sensation. Not overwhelming, but an answer. <They don't kiss like that in Hedon. It was...> "...Lovely," he said aloud.

B1C03 - Gritm


B1C04 - Departure

B1C05 - Vien

B1C06 - Dessir

B1C07 - Gorshi

B1C08 - Chase the Morning

B1C09 - Desolate Tides

B1C10 - Grim Memoirs

B1C11 - Closing the Circle

B2C01 - Hearth Ash

Physical Description

Mental characteristics

Mental Trauma

Allarah is an interactive exhibit of mental illness. To list a few, she is haunted by the ghosts of her past, has sleep terrors, paranoia, and a twisted compulsion she inherited from a beast made of rotting corpses barely held together by thin strings of meta.
When an episode is triggered the world around her ceases to make any sense. She hears the screams of all the people she has know shout her deepest failings and insecurities, and on occasions their fantoms will spring threatening to harm her. When she tries to escape the world through sleep, she is tormented by oceans of blood and islands of bone, the vivid and visceral death of her captain, and the sudden end to her lover. Only recently after a bout of amnesia did she remember the lingering presence of the King of Limbs and how his hunger for flesh seeped into her bing and forced her to partake of his gristley diet. She now refuses to believe those memories were hers.[br[ She wasn't that person!


Mysteries centered around the character


Secrets will be revealed here as they are discovered.


What their goals are. It was once that Allarah wanted nothing more than to die for the sake of another on Saumai. Time and time again she almost accomplished this goal, but her stubborn heart kept beating and she began to see that if it weren't for her, if she had died earlier, so many would have fallen after . So her goals shifted to keep the entirety of her crew alive and stay alive long enough herself to reach the heart of the planet. This too provided difficult as she learned more of the crew and as they began brushing aside her good intentions, only seeing that their enemies benefited. Keeping all alive had become a difficult task, and with new information, an impossible one. Now she wants nothing more than to save those she can while weeding out those she cannot, though a bit of her is beginning to detach from it all.
One day, she would like to see her home again.


What they hold dear morally. Life is precious and should be protected.
Lies are like knots, the more you weave, the more you are entangled.
Violence is never the answer. If there is no way to avoid it, there will always be a way to minimize it.
The needs of the many outweigh the need of the few.


People important to this character, and why.
He's a good man, and I'm thankful for the kindness he's shown me.
There is no one I respect more on Saumai. She's a great leader despite not wanting to lead.
Morkun Tor Dualid
He's an ally. I can't go as far as to confidently call him a friend, but I know, at least for the time being, that he is on my side.
Tyodor ☠
I've never felt strongly about him either way. He was cruel and a coward, but he was also smart and he cared about the lives of others, whatever his motivations. It was a sad thing that happened to him.
I regret how I treated her. She was a good person.
A dear friend and confidant. I miss him.
A good friend and ally.
Mireille Petit
I would do anything to protect her.
Synna ☠
I loved her... Dearly...
Ijin Wu
She's a damn good woman. I'm thankful I have her to help keep me focused when I lose my head.
He's a good man. Quick to anger and violent, but there is good there. I can see it.
Tskhan Sik’kmuth
He's a light in this dark place, and a dear friend. Or more than a friend?
Crow Venestasia
A worthy ally in the days to come so long as this gap between us can be bridged.


Important items the character has.
For the most part Allarah travels in just the clothing on her back. She tends to misplace armor, and her soft heart has lost her a few jackets. Most recently, to keep from drowning, she lost her armored coat which did more that protect her from attack. Tskhan was kind enough to give her his jacket to help keep her warm, but the task of keeping her from harm has come to the lone bit of broken Orga she rescued from Kohliya's library.
She currently wields a long black sword with a thin strip of red glass running down the middle of the blade and set into its hilt. The blade emits a red glow and works well to banish shades, though it's origin and purpose are unknown. Allarah takes great care not to bump it against the walls, holding it as if it is something deserving of respect.

Year of Birth
21130 87 Years old
White, short (Haphazardly cut)


Music which suits the character or which they'd enjoy Artist - Song Name
Words saying why

Character Portrait image: Allarah, Faeo by Ademal and Redwolfsam


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You've obviously spent a lot of time developing this character, and that in and of itself is admirable. This seems to be a well-rounded character and I'm extremely interested to see how she develops.

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Thank you! I think she is around two or three years in the making, so it's nice to get feedback every now and again. ^-^ If you haven't already, I recommend taking a look at some of the other characters or settings for Secrets of Saumai in Ethnis. It's still very much a work in progress, but we love hearing back from everyone.

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At this point in her life she is extraordinarily jaded. It's very hard to tell what could push her to snap, but I have a feeling it would involve seeing many of the people she has faught for die in rapid succession, which unfortunately isn't an unlikely scenario. She's given near everything she has to save these people, so losing them all may just be the thing that breaks her.

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Thank you! Adamal, to the best of my knowledge, was the one that came up with that, and I believe the divider is used in a lot of the Saumai articles. I believe Barron was the first to use them with a character in his article on Crow. That one is a really good read as well, and you should check it out if you have time :3

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