Tskhan Sik’kmuth

Written by Glorix (Tskhan's Player)

Excerpt from Secrets of Saumai

“This is for Synna, you avian bitch,” Tskhan screamed.
With a sweep of the same hand he was using to hold Crow aloft with vectors with, Kohliya summoned a barrier of Vectors around himself, a powerful, glowing field that would prove resistant to all but the most powerful attacks.
Tskhan's spell counted as one of those - doubly so when one of Sorja's turnips jetted into the air, cackling, to intercept and boost it.
The serpent of plasma pouring from Tskhan's hand slammed into the barrier, dripping energy onto the floorboards between him and Kohliya. One might have negated the other were it not for the one-two-three punch follow up of Tskhan's spell exploding into crackling demi-electricity that kept right on going through once the bubble burst, hitting Kohliya's shoulder with enough force to earn an agonized scream and rocky chunks of of corrupted, solid meta falling from the bleakheart's body.
The cast lit up the entire room as a cloud of hissing plasma billowed outwards, biting into the globe until it burst in a bright flash of green and that golden plasmaglow took its place as the main light.
The explosion was deafening, clattering jaws and knocking wind from chests. Crow's speech was cut off half-way through - hopefully he would get a chance to finish once his ears stopped ringing and his breath returned.


Tskhan Sik’kmuth is a member of The Federation of Free Planets envoy to Saumai. Being a practicing believer of the Raksha paths he’s adept at dealing unique disposition of the planet, and found a role dealing with the denizens and ghosts. This experience allows him to keep a rather bright disposition in the grim surroundings but how long his positive outlook last in this oppressive environment?



Tskhan, by his own admission, is the pinnacle of a healthy Sheljt-Rajh. Brilliant bronze fur embroidered with black fractaling stripes.The fur of his mane is long but restrained by being tied into braids and then again with gold bands, though as time on Saumai has gone on the weaving of his braids have become slightly disheveled. He’s tall but relatively slim in muscle mass compared to most of the Sazashi of the Trundler. Somewhere on his person, usually tucked into his coat or to tie his hair back on causal mornings, he keeps sash from the formal wear that Immuena made for the Feast at Gorshi as a momento.

Important Moments

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B1C02 - Feast

B1C03 - Gritm

B1C04 - Departure

B1C05 - Vien

B1C06 - Dessir

"We're aware of their connection but you have my thanks for your concern. Now is there anything we can do for you?" Tskhan said. He(Savuna) nodded. "/Leave. Tell your people to destroy this planet and burn it to cinders. All purity is gone from this place, all worth has been snuffed out./" Tskhan got up and sighed "/ We'll see if they have what it takes to destroy a world.

B1C07 - Gorshi

B1C08 - Chase the Morning

B1C09 - Desolate Tides

"When I met King, he said I was Death. I wonder if Death has ever wanted to die." "If you wanted to you could walk five feet and let a ghost kill you, lay down in the flooded streets, or stand in front of that giant ghastly lantern. Having a gun doesn't seem to make much of a difference to me. Committing suicide would be the ultimate insult to Synna, she died protecting you. Grow up, let's deal with the problem at hand so we can go back to the trundler and see everyone again. It's what She would have wanted!"

B1C10 - Grim Memoirs

B1C11 - Closing the Circle

B2C01 - Hearth Ash



Mysteries centered around the character


Secrets will be revealed here as they are discovered.

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Bright Amber
6' 9"
248 Lb


What their goals are.
Tskhan is duty bound by by his Raksha beliefs to handle the ghastly echoes, rocksweat mutated creatures, and hostile undead; he does so eagerly being the remaining combat specialist of the Federation banner.
Though he has been less than successful protecting those important to him from these threats, being unable to prevent her death at the hands of the limbs-flood Jousan. Though the exact details of what Immuena was doing wondering the streets of Gorshi that dawn is lost on the crew of the Trundler, Tskhan still aims to avenge Immuena and prevent those he values from meeting a similar fate.


What they hold dear morally.
Tskhan holds his Raksha beliefs in high regards but far more liberal than other Sheljt in his practice, being more tolerant of some Mar’rianian practices to extend or preserve life. Though he is vehemently opposed spells that use life as fuel. He’s an honest man, always looking for truth in a web of lies.


People important to this character, and why.
A lover and crew member of Tskhan. Despite meeting on the battlefield on a mission for The Federation of Free Planets their relationship wouldn’t have the lifespan that being tempered in the flames of war would suggest. Tragically her death would be an ill omen, heralding a conflict that Tskhan believed to have ended.
Although they went their separate ways at the beginning of their journey, the two soon found a budding friendship. Sharing similar religious beliefs helped as well, tough it is unusually for anyone beside a Sheljt-Rajh to be a practicing believer of Rasksha, a nightly meditation season has become a routine for the two.
Tskhan has a rather tumultuous relationship with the meek bleakheart. Despite caring for him Tskhan can’t help but associate him with the discussion leading to Immuana’s death.
Sorja had sense of admiration for the fellow Sazashi since the first day of the multi-banner expedition, more so after learning of Tskhan process in the magical arts. Though they clash heads on a philosophical level after Tskhan learned of his Mar'rianian practices only time will tell if he will let this hang up to continue to be problematic.
Ijin didn’t meet eye to eye with Tskhan prior to Gorshi, especially considering lingering tensions between the Federation and the Syndicate after Vannik’s death. Though through a complementary sense of humor the two formed a friendship that would help them weather the harshness of Saumai’s challenges.
Tskahn wasn’t trusting of The Somnolent form the first day, but his relationship with Agata is more complicated. She’s shown that she has honor but eerily shady with some of her actions and mannerisms.


Important items the character has.
Morkun and Tskhan assembled his raiment from scrap they found in Kohliya’s Library and the leather coats they received in Gorshi. Adorned with plate armor and meta components to assist in the gathering of magic, it is an asset to any combat mage.
Tskhan’s armament comes in three parts: a pair of swords and a staff which can connect them into a double-ended polearm. The staff is a functional wand, with meta components that allow him to achieve higher levels of Energy spells and cast those spells further. It also retracts into a smaller size for convenience. It is a symbol of a pride in his Rajhska beliefs.


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