Ijin Wu

A Venuan member of the Jupiter Syndicate Envoy. She is strong, and clearly built for combat, but the cold and constant stress of the planet is taking its toll on her...

Corporal Ijin Wu

Ijin Wu is a snappy, sassy veteran of the Sylo Wars and a member of the Jupiter Syndicate Envoy.   She's a recreational smoker and was Vannik Hwon's lover.   She is strong, and clearly built for combat, but the cold and constant stress of the planet is taking its toll on her...    

Venuan Empathy

As a Venuan, Ijin has innate psionic abilities. The extent of her mastery of this ability is unclear, but it is said that Venuans can pick up on mindlinks around them, and may passively or actively connect with others to share in sensations and emotions.  

Important Moments

Defining or revealing moments about the character. Organized by Book and Chapter within the campaign.
Vien—Something on the Div Bands sickens Ijin
[Ijin] clutched her belly, leaned against the wall, and began to vomit.
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"Ijin!" Allarah ran to her and pulled out her pistol looking around. "Synna, is there anything connected to her?"

"She's on the unsafe div bands. Their connection must be fairly high up there." Synna built up a swirl of meta energy in her hands and washed Ijin down with it. Precious seconds went by as Synna dispelled the magic, and in that time the monstrosity turned the corner, attracted by the magic pouring off of Synna.
Vien—Following Vannik's death
Ijin pushed Immuena off, practically knocking her to the floor again. "Don't touch me," she hissed, face knotting into seething hatred. She grabbed Vannik's pistol, wiped her tears from her eyes, and stood.
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"Let's get the fuck out of here."

"Ijin. I don't think he should be left here.... Not here. But the choice is yours." Allarah didn't move towards Ijin, nor could she look at Vannik. She saw a different person lying in his place.

Immuena sluggishly got up, "Let's go. No need to protect the turbines if they're not attacked."

She kept her distance from Ijin, but couldn't help glancing at her every so often.

Ijin wrestled with her internal narrative. Training against the Sylo had taught her not to bother with a body once it was down, that doing so was just inviting yourself to die as well.

She wiped her tears away. "Just a corpse, now. God has him."
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Gorshi—When Immuena tells Crow to help Ijin escape
"For fuck's--get off it you coward... fucking... cockjockey!" Ijin shoved the Faecha to the floor. "Is that must your fucking MO? Did your cowardice kill Vannik, too?"
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"We're going down there and we're getting Tskhan before his warpath fucks us all over. If this guy," she jabbed her finger at Crow, face becoming even more ferocious as she leaned over the woman and spat her words.

"Tells us we need to stop him and Allarah agrees then that's our mission and we follow it to the fucking grave. Grow a spine!"

She did not wait for a response. Instead, she turned and ran down the center path, gun in hand and rage in heart.
Grim Memoirs—Her humor

Ijin scanned the square with her gun drawn, unsure of what to look for but looking for it all the same. Her sharp eyes clutched onto Agata and Dmitri for one moment and Morkun and Sorja the next before turning on Allarah.
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"I would punch my momma in the face right now if it meant having a proper arsenal in hand. I seen some shit, but few things that a liberal application of firepower couldn't handle."

She made a little mock jab at the air before whispering "right in the mouth."

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Lawful Neutral
Biological Sex
Body Sculpt, KeFem™ Female
Other Affiliations
Character Prototype
Michelle Rodriguez
Faith Reformed Metatronic Church



What their goals are.
To follow the chain of command and ensure that the Somnacy Envoy does not win Saumai.


What they hold dear morally.
I'll follow you to hell and back.
Respect the chain of command.


People important to this character, and why.
Vannik Hwon ☠ Deceased primary lover
Tskhan Sik’kmuth Fellow warrior and romantic interest
Allarah Respects and is attracted to her


Important items the character has.


Music which suits the character or which they'd enjoy
For her many trials
For her more twisted side


Mysteries centered around the character
Empathy Interferance

Something on the higher Divination Bands is disturbing her. What is it, and what are the long-term effects of it?

Personality Shift

Ijin suddenly seemed fine and upbeat after going down into the tunnels of Gorshi, despite having recently lost Vannik. Why?


Ijin reacts very strangely whenever Vannik is mentioned, and has even indicated confusion over who he was. What caused this?





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