Esquire Dimmund Gyllenhaal (a.k.a. Dimmu)

A polite firstheart commander with a hubworld accent. He is often seen consuming pills and spends most of his time in a sluggish stupor.  

A Medicated Mind

Throughout the story, Dimmu frequently takes pills. They seem to tie to his mood.  
"Allarah, do you realize how long that would add to our journey? We've been on this world for almost a month."  
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There was an edge to his voice she hadn't heard from. His tone was picking up.   "At every turn we have someone wounded or *killed," he hissed. "We took this route to skip the entire northern region because we were concerned over ghosts, abominations, food, and power. Frm here, closest landfall is the straight of Lorkhim, but we can hug the coast and go up the Abisk bay and stay away from the land. If we're five days from the straight we're seven from Ymiro... and then what?"   He was well and truly bristle now. Not outraged, but it was the greatest display of emotion anyone had seen him make.   His head ticked, and he sighed as he drew a bottle from his pocket and took a pill.   "I apologize," he said a moment later. "I've been portioning."


Biological Sex
Character Prototype
Domhall Gleeson


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