Mireille Petit

Written by Allarah

(a.k.a. Mir)


Excerpt from Secrets of Saumai

Mir lay in the bed of a sparsely furnished room, chewing her nails and staring at the roof. Her hair was mussed, and a blanket kept her modest while her clothes shirked their duty and lay upon the floor. Allarah could see Laemon if she angled her head and peeped out the porthole; he was having a smoke.
Allarah heard Crow teaching Lysjho Cyrillic in the room over.
Mir's gaze drifted to Allarah as she entered, and her brows rose. "Hi."
"Hi." She nodded to Mir, leaning against the doorframe so as not to enter further than she may be welcome. "How are you?" Her eyes roamed finding the clothing and Mir's chewed nails.
She wanted to step forward and fold the abandoned clothing, to brush out Mir's mussed hair, and pull her fingers from her lips, but she resisted the urge. Instead she stayed where she stood, searching Mir's fingertips for blood.
Mir pulled off a strand from middle to bed, baring red skin underneath. She played the slip of nail between her teeth and lips, then spat it to the side. "I'm.... okay."
She nodded again, chewing at her lip. "May I... come in and sit with you? Talk for a bit?"
"Mmm. Shirt." Mir said, sitting up in bed to make room for sitting. The comforter slipped down to bare her small pale breasts. Her nipples perked at the cold air, and she shivered.
Allarah stepped in, closing the door behind her before collecting Mir's clothing from the floor. She handed over the wrinkled shirt and set about folding the rest. They were settled between the two when Allarah finally sat.
"Have you been getting enough sleep?"
Mir tugged her shirt on. She was so small and frail, she'd made even Synna look sizeable. She couldn't be an inch over 60 and a pound over 90.
She pressed her shirt flat and stared at her tummy in omphaloskeptic consideration as she drummed her fingers.
"What's enough? Can I sleep off this trip? I'd like to. I'd like to have been sleeping this whole time. I want to wake up back before we came down here and stop her from signing us up."

Who is she?

Mir is a quiet, angsty spirit who began the mission as Synna's pet. Presumably she leveraged her Manne-Kyn mesmer powers to somehow quell Synna's Vodalkyn Psiolic powers. Since Synna's death, Mir has withdrawn. She has a tumultuous relationship with Allarah, who she viewed as trying to replace her, and usually clings onto Lysjho for comfort.

Personal History

Before Mir met Synna she was owned by an abusive master that controlled her through addiction. Synna saved the poor Manne- Kin by killing her master in that way only Vodalkyn can. She cut away Mir’s addictions and brought her up to be a respectable woman. Since then Mir and Synna became inseparable ultimately leading to her arrival on Saumai.

Mental Trauma

It’s hard to gauge just how much Synna’s death tore into Mir’s delicate psyche, but it’s clear that it did have a tremendous impact on her. Once bubbly and full of mirth, she now spends her days sleeping beneath a pile of blankets, or too high to even realize where she is. As a guess, she blames Allarah for Synna’s death to keep from falling into a pit of self loathing. If she had been there, if she had been stronger, if Synna had trusted and relied on her enough to bring her instead of leaving her to keep her safe… Regardless, it is obvious that she is lost without Synna at her side.


How deep was Mir’s relationship with Synna?

What is Mir’s purpose in the Hedon envoy?

Why are they so concerned by her discomfort?

What is her tie to those dreams?

Biological Sex
Female, Standard
Iridescent Pink
Pastel Blue
Envoy Hedon

Further Reading


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5 Aug, 2018 20:09

This is interesting, but there's a lot of terms being used here that aren't really being explained - Any chance of adding tool-tips, or using the [@]articlename syntax with excerpts to provide some details on who/what Synna, Manne-Kyn, psiolic powers, etc are? The article is a bit hard to follow without knowing what these things are.

5 Aug, 2018 20:19

Ah, apologies on that haha. This was originally written for a campaign, and once you get so immersed, you kinda forget these things aren't commonly known. If you're interested, please pop back in later and I'll have those articles linked. Thank you for the suggestion :3

5 Aug, 2018 21:39

Sure thing. If it helps any, I follow a mantra of 'Link back literally everything thats referenced' and using excerpts as a one-two sentence summary of what a topic is, for the purpose of tooltips.

5 Aug, 2018 23:37

There are links to all of those things now, but not to Allarah, which is what I happened to be looking for. Also, those links lead to quite the rabbit hole.

6 Aug, 2018 01:52

Links in the writing are a go! :3

5 Aug, 2018 23:36

It's a decent piece of writing, aside from some oddities (omphaloskeptic? Is Allarah supposed to be horny here?) The article, on the other hand, isn't all that elaborate - but it does provide a neat summary. I assume the disastrously low weight is a new development?

6 Aug, 2018 01:32

Omphaloskeptic basically means contemplation of one's navel. Mir is basically just staring fixatedly at her stomach.   And in reference to the weight, Mir has always been that small. She's not unhealthy (unless ya look at drug dependancy, but even then it's only been a week she's been abusing)

6 Aug, 2018 01:35

Allllssoooo, https://worldanvil.com/w/ethnis-ademal/a/allarah-article if you still wanna take a look at Allarah.

@ Shadow Malachi
Robert Kane
6 Aug, 2018 04:11

An interesting article. I want to guess that by spirit you mean she is a ghost ?. Or does it mean something different on ethnis ?. I am just wondering, Overall the opening excerpt really set the mood for the article. Good job!

6 Aug, 2018 14:51

Neither. Spirit is more just a metaphor to illustrate her demeanor. More often than not, before Synna's death, she was light and kind of a "free spirit."

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