Agata is one of the members of the Somnancy Envoy. She is meek and soft-spoken, and barely interacted with the crew for the longest time before Crow Venestasia helped bring her out of her shell a bit. It would also appear that the Somanancy was generally keeping her holed up in their quarters for much of the journey.
Her official role is as a Seeker, someone good at finding things with Divination, but many members of the crew suspect a much more nefarious purpose to her actions. It is difficult to get close to her to find out more, as she is usually under the close protection of Dmitri.


Agata is a small, frail Bleakheart with rough-cut white hair, white skin, and red eyes. She could be mistaken for a sibling of Crow's if not for the fact that she is definitely an offworlder.

Her expression is typically soft and naive, though as of late she seems to have a darker bend to her brow...

Important Moments

Defining or revealing moments about the character. Organized by Book and Chapter within the campaign.

B2C01 - Hearth Ash

[...] a great, glowing figure rose from the hole. They only saw it for a moment -- saw a serpentine tail and spanning wings -- before it slammed into Agata with enough force to put her onto her backside. She sat, wide eyed, blinking, then grabbed her head and began to scream, blood running from her nostrils.

Shaking, Agata regarded her trembling hands and the blood smeared across them. Her fingers flexed and she ran them through her hair, streaking it.

She stood, carefully, and dusted her clothes off as she looked around herself, wide-eyed and confused. Her gaze settled on Crow, and she seemed to see him for the first time.

'What?" she murmured.

<Agata is... a...> Raynu began.

She stared at him. He stared at her, he even swivelled his head to give her his full attention, it tilted to the side. <She is whole.>

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Biological Sex
Character Prototype
Billie Eilish



What their goals are.
Unknown. Appears to just be following Dmitri.


What they hold dear morally.


People important to this character, and why.
Dmitri is her caretaker, and appears to have an interest in protecting her.

Crow Venestasia is her friend, she likes sneaking away from Dmitri to hang out with him.


Important items the character has.
Gorshi leathers, nothing else of note.



Mysteries centered around the character

Is it relevant that her and Crow are both albino?


Why have the Somnancy brought Agata specifically, and why do they protect her so much?


What about Agata makes the poltergeists more likely to go after her.




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