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Digger's Shovel

Class I Affinity. Shovel with immense meta abilities.

Written by Barron

It's the Shovel. Don't touch the Shovel, or the Shovel's gonna touch you.



Digger's Shovel began as a wand acquired by his ancestors long ago. In order to hide the wand from thieves, they hid the meta-weapon within the shaft of one of they many shovels they stored in their basement. A humble beginning for one of the most powerful implements in the world.   Artosen Khandea II (Digger) found the shovel a year later as he worked his job as a gravedigger. He found within the innocent looking shovel a powerful tool. With the wand, he strengthened his grip on meta and began to better understand the nature of earth and metal. Through the shovel, he could see veins of ore within the ground and became rich as a result.


Diggers Shovel did not sit idle while Digger used it. Instead, it grew more powerful as years turned to decades and decades turned to centuries. Digger bonded with the weapon, became one with it as it became one with him. Soon, he was able to pull off previously impossible feats. He could crack through mountains in single swings; dig strip-mines in a minutes time. The shovel stayed with him for millennia, and still, he carries it in hand as he lives on Perduro. A handful of Perduro Miners can attest to the sheer power that unassuming shovel contains.


Diggers Shovel has been reverse engineered by Digger's company Digger Co.. The result was the flagship product of the company, terraforming ships that could transform an entire planet within years. On a smaller scale, portable earth-moving tools were created and used exclusively in the mines of Mount Dau-Sajhrashi. These tools, dubbed Digger's Shovels are a direct reference to their source.

Tech Info

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Meta Property
Presents a Direct Regional Existential threat if its owner misfires a spell—Digger once decimated an entire town and the mountain it was built upon in what was apparently a drunken bet.


Author's Notes

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