Perduro Miner

Written by Barron

Who keeps Perduro afloat? I can tell you it isn't the stiffies on the tourism board or the corporate stiffies in their suits. It's the souls toiling away in the mines. People after my own heart... I should get down to the bar and find one to force feed a good time.


The Miners of Perduro serve as the lifeblood of the planet's economy. With such valuable Platinum group Metals laying underneath the surface, the miners hoist a majority of the global economy from the dark depths of Mount Dau-Sajhrashi. While Miners of most planets hold a position of low income, on Perduro they take in hefty paycheck and a plethora of benefits. They also have a different work schedule than a typical miner, spending two-week 'tours' in the mineshafts.


Miners in Perduro require basic education and a phenomenal work ethic. Dedication to spending two weeks down in the mines means having good mental health. Good strength is preferred, as manual labor is required for small work. Meta users are discouraged except in specialist roles, as meta is used exclusively to power Digger Shovels.

Day to Day

Miners rotate in and out of the different mineshafts of Perduro. They bring their personal belongings and move into the barracks of the shaft. These barracks will serve as their home for two weeks at a time. Each morning they have their breakfast and report to their assigned mining area with their squad also known as a 'Gunkoon Group'. They separate and sort ores using physical means and meta-assisted equipment. Automated drones called Coalmoles stop by on the hour to collect all the findings and haul them back to the surface for refining. After ten hours of a work shift, they return to the barracks for dinner and relaxation time. At the end of the two-week shift, they are dismissed for a week of 'surface-time.' They receive a paycheck as well as profit sharing from what their group found.


The Mining profession comes with a reputation on Perduro. Because of how much mining keeps Perduro wealthy, miners have no trouble finding a bar that will offer them discounted drinks. Time of the Surface is often spent partying with tourists and telling tall tales of what happens deep in the tunnels of Mount Dau-Sajhrashi. Much of the prestige started with Artosen Khandea II (Digger), who publicly applauded those who took up the profession. Digger is even rumored to visit every miner one time in their life, whether or not miners recall that night depends on their resistance to alcohol.

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Average Wage
40,000 - 60,000 Credits
Average Benefits
Health, Dental, Profit Sharing, Local Discounts
Career Injury Rate
6% of Global Workforce
Alternative Names
Gunkoon, Muckfoot, Cavemen
Raw Materials Gathering

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As ever, Digger serves as the underpinning force behind the world of Perduro and it works out fantastically.

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Despite being an arsehole, Digger knows how to get shit done.

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