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Digger's Shovels

Written by Barron

So we had our first workplace fatality today. Carl decided that getting his Tome back was more important than his life. Ran in front of the Shovel while it was running. Poor Sarruh saw the poor GearHeart disintegrate before his eyes. Only thing left of him was the pool of blood, shit, and the platinum in his cybernetic arm.
— Foreman Hyshjyo "Bull"


Also known as the Meta-Assisted Drill, Digger's Shovels are handheld units used to rip through massive swaths of earth and separate Platinum group Metals from the surrounding rock and earth. This technology is expensive to manufacture and depletes meta at an extreme rate. However, the use of this tool preserves Perduro Miner strength and helps break through costly natural barriers. It also turns all non-metals into dust, leaving behind only the Platinum group Metals desired, this reduces the expensive refinement cost.

History and Conception

With mining becoming the first and most prominent industry of Perduro, Perduro Miners as well as the Mining Unions searched for ways to ease the process of digging through the tough rocks of Mount Dau-Sajhrashi. Enter Artosen Khandea II (Digger) and his own shovel.

Move out of the way, and I'll make that wall disappear.
Artosen Khandea II (Digger) wielding his shovel.

Digger's Original Shovel served as a basis for research. Meta-engineered toiled away through several months attempting to reverse engineer Diggers Millenia-old artifact. They found success by using a series of programmable meta enchantments and implanting them on a man-portable cannon. The energy required proved too costly to be powered by the natural meta in the mines, overdraw could happen in seconds and produce extremely dangerous conditions. They compensated for this by fabricating a network swappable meta casks. Even with meta-casks, the new Shovels could only be used for approximately a minute before draining the local meta batteries.


After getting signoff from the foreman of the operating shaft, the area to be dug is marked by chalk and cleared of all other personnel and equipment. A miner places on the Digger's Shovel rig; a meta processing pack connected by Optic Wire to a meta cask near the surface. With the Shovel in hand, they approach the wall and begin to work. When the trigger is pulled, a series of Solid spells are cast to separate and turn to dust any material that is softer than the Platinum group Metals. They move as far as they are instructed, clearing everything within the chalk markings until they run out of meta in the cask or the job is complete.

After completion, the assigned miner shuts down and takes off his rig. After checking structural integrity, miners are allowed back to work. The cask that is now partially or fully depleted, is rolled to the surface to be recharged.

Digger's Shovel Info

Tech Clade
Meta/Mecha Hybrid. Uses primarily Meta Enchantments though it is designed and wielded using Mecha Technology
Easy. If you are a miner and have the proper authorization, you can use one.
The base tool is produced in local steelworks, while enchantments are done progressively over the course of weeks. Cost per unit of ~800,000 credits
  • Meta-Assisted Drill
  • The "Get-Rid-Of-That-Wall"
  • Arty's Gift
3 feet in Length, Forty Pounds.

Cover image: Hologram Wheel by Ademal


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