God-Gutter (Gravity Blade)

Written by Ademal

The massive Gravity Blade sheathed across Akshaya's back hummed as it held her near-weighless. Her talons dug into the hard stone of the cliff face, clattering and scraping with each handful of rock she took to fling herself upwards.

She crested the ridge. Shouts of panicked surprise heralded her arrival as her expression contorted into rage and glory. In an instant the sword whistled to her hand, and issued a loud, chest-kicking thwum as it fluctuated gravity and sent her launching down with such shattering force that her landing left the shattered viscera and bisected corpses of several soldiers in her wake...

God-Gutter is an Affinity Gravity Blade. It was originally in the possession of a high-ranking Rajhska warrior of the ValuSelu Pact , but killed its owner and defected to the Archive when its owner became tyrannous.

It remained in the Archive vaults for many years until giving itself to Akshaya Mahima during an attack from the The House of Sorrows.

Akshaya married the blade. It remains with her at all times.


Records and descriptions over time have revealed that God-Gutter has morphed over time, changing from the standard grey-matte metal of its original form to the more distinct, modern appearance. The blade is shimmering white, chromium in color and with prismatic tones in the right light. The handle is golden.

The shape of the blade is more straight-backed than the original Rajhska blade, and features mehndi etchings on the grip and the base of the blade.

Affinity Powers

God-Gutter has the power to detect Monoliths within a range of about 10 meters of itself, and will inform the bearer how powerful the Monolith is and what they are a Monolith of. It also seems particularly disruptive to Monoliths, and can force them to show their Affectations of Grace or disrupt Miracle with its very presence, on top of being particularly wounding to them if it cuts them.

Gender Alignment
Other Names
देव - हन् / Deva-han
Item type
Weapon, Melee
Current Holder
Subtype / Model

God-Gutter is patient. Despite its name it is not an aggressive weapon, and seems to work best in complement to wise, veteran warriors who are not a slave to their passions.

It is a stubborn Affinity, and only allows its bearer to use its power when it believes a Monolith needs to be killed, which is typically when they are using their powers to bring harm instead of peace.

It is not a weapon which would abide a tyrant, and killed its original owner for the very act.

Akshaya refers to God-Gutter as one of her wives.

In Undaunted marriage ceremonies is ritual, Abhaya Mehndi in which those being wed mark each other with tattoos.

During their Abhaya Mehndi, Akshaya used God-Gutter to carve these mehndi into her body. She claimed this demonstrated her love and trust of it, and its trust of her that it did not use its Monolith-slaying powers on her and deemed her worthy.

Anyone who convenes with the blade via divination, an exceptionally rare privilege saved for Akshaya's personal guests and disciples, claim that it confirms the marriage.

The day of their vivaah was as much of a spectacle as the tribes had come to expect of Sri Akshaya. She treated God-Gutter as any other wife, with each step of the proceedings tailored to the presence of the blade.

The major departure came during the Abhaya Mehndi, when it is traditional for the Undaunted to tattoo each other. We of the Archive stood in awe as God-Gutter allowed Akshaya to engrave the base and grip of the blade, then horror as she used its blade to carve intricate markings into her flesh—sometimes stripping off entire ribbons from her hands and face. Though all her wounds heal, these scars remain to this day.

"This as a symbol of our trust and love," Akshaya said after, covered in her own ichor and trembling from pain and blood loss. "Devahan does not kill me with its power, for I am no tyrant. I show no fear of its blade, because I am Abhaya!"

Truly has no matrimony been more strange, nor more perfect.

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