Gravity Blade

Written by Ademal

Gravity blades are ValuSelu Pact specialty weapons which can trigger localized fluctuations in gravity. They require immense power to maintain, and are entrusted only to veteran Monoliths in the military.
The five Pact warriors rushed across the ridge towards the oncoming horde, feet barely touching the ground but launching them ahead several meters with each bound. In their hands they bore their gravity blades—the source for their ethereal weightlessness.   Two of them took the lead, spaced apart as a third came up between and—fwoom—they swung their blade in tandem and sent him launching wildly towards the horde. He landed with explosive power as he turned on the repeller of his blade.   Gunshots rang out. Not a single flashing round met its mark. They curved away as they approached the five, caught in whorls of gravity which sent them spiralling outwards.   They were untouchable.

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Item type
Weapon, Melee


Gravity blades are made from meta-reinforced Carbitanium-A metal with an internal core of gravity plating hooked up to a powerful battery which is recharged with meta-to-energy intake.

Tactics and Moves

Gravity Blades have a series of controls synced to the bearer by implant. At will, the bearer can affect gravity within a 2 Meter radius of the blade, changing its direction, negating it for up to a certain mass, and increasing it.

Grav Negation

Negate gravity within range of the blade for an amount of mass relative to incoming power.

Grav Repel

Anything within range of the blade is repelled by it. Good for deflecting, and is the basis for Launching.

Grav Attract

Anything within range of the blade is attracted to it. Good for blocking, and is the basis of a Grav Strike.

Grav Strike

Activating the Attractor during the arc of an attack makes it land with significantly increased force.


Activating the Repeller during the arc of an attack will cause it to launch anything in its path.

Motion Burst

The bearer launches rapidly in a direction, usually to dodge or in conjunction of a Grav Strike.


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