Civil Rights

Due to the nature of life, death, and the shifting view on the meaning of identity and self in an increasingly transhumanist universe, the definition of rights has grown has changed as well.   Rights are broken down into umbrellas of subcategories, and it isn't infrequent that different banners have different rights based on the Sophonce level and type (species) of an entity.

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The Rights

Right to Life

The right to take action against those who try to bring physical, psychological, or auric harm to an entity.

Physical Harm

Harm which damages the physical shell(s) inhabited by the entity. This does not protect empty shells, which are property, unless the intent was to harm the entity.

Psychological Harm

Harm which damages the processing, recollective, or emotional state of the entity. If the action taken can cause lasting stress to the entity, it is psychological harm.

Auric Harm

Action intended to harm an entity's soul and their ability to interact with the meta. This also explicitly covers all schools of Auric interaction except Divination.

Right to Property

The right to own objects and take legal action against others harming or stealing your objects.

Search and Seizure

The right to have a government require a warrant before searching your property, and the circumstances under which they can search.

Land Ownership

The right to own land as property, including renting it, renovating it, and so forth. Also includes inheritance.

Right to Assets

The right to own items as property, including renting it, renovating it, and so forth. Also includes inheritance.

Right to Identity

The right to make choices about your future and yourself.

Right to Body

The right to change and decorate your shell with non-normative accessories and upgrades such as tattoos, implants, and hormones.

Right to Speech

The right to speak freely and create art, to speak against other people and your government, and to promote hate speech. Each of these are often treated separate.

Right to Career

The right to choose your role in society and how you fulfill it, as well as the education and lifestyle choices which accompany that.

Right to Death

The right to make choices about the duration and safety of your life, as well as when it ends and what happens after.

Right to Mortality

The right to be capable of death rather than having mortality denied against the entity's will, such as living in a brain bank.

Right to Suicide

The right to elect to die, either by assisted suicide or by making choices and risks which put you in mortal danger.

Right to Afterlife

The right to be undisturbed in death, to have your body and soul allowed to remain deceased rather than resurrected.

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