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Written by Ademal

Rajhlakeshi (trans: Great Sun Warriors) are those who follow Rajhska with aggressive zeal, not only embodying its tenants but striving to see them reflected in the wider world. Unfortunately, this often means violence.

A Sordid Past

The Rajhlakeshi began as the elite warrior class of Valuser'rh. They were truly a terror to behold, and made it their personal mission to eradicate much of what they deemed unholy of the Verin. This included the Sathiid, who, under the rule of Valuser'rh on Jhoutai, were nearly entirely eradicated.  

A Brutal Reformation

After the Aempian Revolution, the Sathiid began to return, as did other Kyzanic meta technologies. The reigning Grandmaster of Light of the time pushed to eradicate these forces at all costs, even going so far as to cross into others' lands and to break previous tenants of the Rajhlakeshi—such as not killing children and not disturbing the dead.   One of the high Rajhlakeshi of the time, Mero Tmir Tor Saujalus, lost his will to do such brutal acts, and initiated a reformation by exacting the Rite of Coals on the Grandmaster. He fought the palace guards, subdued or killed them, and executed the Grandmaster by feeding him hot coals.  

Modern Times

Rajhlakeshi are still today very much a high class, but have expanded to encompass all of the four houses of Rajhska. There are Rajhlakeshi from each house—War, Church, Economy, Native—who fully embody that house.    
When Pact wants something done, they send in the Rajhlakeshi.


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Author's Notes

Summer Camp Prompt 11

Describe a culture in your world which has particularly warlike traditions.

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