Grandmaster of Light

Written by Ademal

The Grandmaster of Light is the leader of the Valuser'rh, one of the primary countries and signers of The ValuSelu Pact. It is a position of extreme power--both politically and physically, as the keeper of the position retains ownership of the ancient vestments of the position and, more importantly, ownership of the Affinity Wand, Iconoclast.

A Position of Esteem

Being the Grandmaster is easy. Becoming one is the hard part.
— Grandmaster Askani, joking to his Aspirants
  The Grandmaster of Light is the spirit of Valuser'rh.   It is a coveted role, one of great responsibility and culpability, and is eligible only to those who have served within the upper ranks of the Valuser'ran houses of War, Faith, Economy, and Nature. There has been nearly an even number of men as women in the position, and the current holder is female.   The Grandmaster is also considered the epitomical Shejlt-Rajh, as only a Shejlt may hold the position.

A Bloody History

The Grandmaster of Light is one of the bloodier professions to be held on Jhoutai. Although the Grandmaster is always a powerful person, they are surrounded by powerful people and so are not above reproach, criticism, and, in a few cases, impeachment or coups.   Multiple Grandmasters who failed at their duties have been executed, most notably the controversial execution at the hands of Mero Tmir Tor Saujalus, who force fed the reigning Grandmaster hot coals to out him as a liar—it should be known that one of the trials of the Grandmaster is to eat hot coals to prove their mastery over Energy meta.


Author's Notes

100 Days of Ethnis

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