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Aempis is one of the two seats of power in The ValuSelu Pact, the homeland of the Aen. This nation is responsible for most of the technological power of the Pact.   Aempis is also responsible for almost all of the conflict that has plagued Jhoutai over the millennia that it has existed.


The First Revolution

Aempis first came to be when the Verin crafted them as their last creation. The Aen were designed to organize and optimize, and the Verin made the crucial mistake of giving them little to do. Their boredom as well as the mistreatment from the Verin sparked the Sazashi.   They organized the revolution from their home in the eastern lands of Jhoutai, they were brilliant tacticians and were able to outmaneuver the Verin military at nearly every turn. When the war was over, the celebrated the victory by creating their own nation known as Aempis. Over the millennia, Aempis gradually fell underneath the control of the growing Valuser'rh empire. Aempis became a protectorate, as well as most other Sazashi nations.  

The Second Revolution

Over the course of thousands of years, the Aen of Aempis continued their contributions to the Sazashi people. New government types, and new technologies flowed to the rest of the world. Yet despite this, the Aen people grew restless, and were looking for a way to break the power monopoly that the Sheljt had over them.   Valuser'rh, struggling to keep their economy growing, began taxing their prefecture nations over more and more goods. The Aempians began to work in the shadows, plotting against the Sheljt with other neighboring Sazashi Nations.   With the military might of the Sazashi combined, the still powerful Sheljt had to cede sixty percent of their landmass to other Sazashi Nations. Aempis for the first time was a fully independent nation, Akatan Khandea the leader of the rebellion became the first King of Aempis.  

Tough on the Top

With the winnings of the War in their treasury, the Aempians took their place as the most powerful Sazashi nation. Because of the Revolution, Aempis held closer ties with the other independent nations.   Their new power was always under stress, Valuser'rh sat, waiting to retake the their former power. Constant border skirmishes occurred between the two nations, and it only grew worse when Humanity entered the universal stage.   Aempis, being the world power, became the primary political entity that humanity interacted with. When the Advent War kicked off, Aempis was left to defend alone.   King Akotan could forsee the danger of losing the Advent war, not only would Valuser'rh take over Aempis, but they would most likely subjugate humanity as well. In a desperate act to end the war, Akotan used a super weapon to completely eliminate the human colony on Mars.   Humanity surrendered, but ill-will towards Aempis for their genocide brought forth an even more dangerous enemy in the future, The Church of The Somnolent.  

The Formation of the Pact

Because of the results of the war, Aempis took Eden as a protectorate. The resulting power kept Aempis as the universal powerhouse, despite nearly collapsing to the Rileam War and The Harrowing.   When Clasnithra Illithra Khandea took the crown of Aempis, he made several moves which changed the course of history. He granted Eden it's independence, which lead to the rise of humanities Sovereign and the formation of The Church of The Somnolent. The Verin Haimarchy formed shortly after, departing their ancestral home and opening the WayHall to create a new home.   This new Banner caused King Clasnithra to act in order to save the Sazashi people. He approached the newest Grandmaster of Light, Setentio, to attempt to create a new league of Sazashi Nations. The agreement, known as The ValuSelu Pact, solidified Jhoutai's independence, as all Sazashi were now working under a single Banner.  



Aempis is the leading nation in terms of technological innovations in nearly every field. Their government of Fundamental Meritism and rewards for innovation leads to many improvements both big and small to every aspect of living.   The Aempians pioneered ironClad and Engine with Humanity and their exported copies of Engines serve as The ValuSelu Pact's economic organizers and tactical masterminds.  


The other export of Aempis is the Aen themselves. Their culture grooms and tailors the tinkering minds, who migrate to other locations to implement their improvements throughout the Universe.  


The Aempians were the first ones to adopt the Fundamental Meritism style of commerce. The abandonment of Capitalism and Socialism allowed them to pioneer new ways to integrate the Aen Akjhe to benefit their society.   A minimum living wage is provided to every adult, with rewards given to those who find new ways to perfect a method or technology. This encourages every Aen to find a specialization and work on it, which helps satisfy their need to constantly tinker.  


Aempian Culture is one of productivity and optimization. If something is not perfect, then Aempians will do their absolute best to improve or shun it. To outsiders, Aempian culture is unforgiving and punishes failure, but the Aempians would have it no other way.  

Ownership of Planets

Aempians take control of planets which will allow them to expand quickly, they will also try their best to claim worlds that were previously colonized, seeking out a worlds Seed Library to attempt and integrate its improvements into The ValuSelu Pact as a whole
Aempis is a place of uniform wonder. It's a bizarre place, where everyone has their field of expertise, and that's all they do.   Nothing is safe from the optimizing eye of a true-blooded Aempian.
— Aempian Citizen

Famous Locations



Becoming a citizen of Aempis is easier than most other Sazashi nations. Open applications can be made, and after some national knowledge tests and background checks, the applicant can become a citizen.


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