Drat'n Metkrah

The city of Drat'n Metkrah bore a wreath of fog that glowed with the nimbus of golden sunlight burning through from the east. The crown city was the crown jewel of the ValuSelu Pact


Aempis is split into two major sectors of government. Social Affairs and Material Affairs otherwise known as Council and Crown.   The Council is an elected body of officials from each of the major sectors of Aempis.   The Crown is the Royal Family, the Khandea Bloodline which originally organized the revolution against Valuser'ran rule and which wears the Circlet of Lun-Kheren.   The Crown owns the land and its resources. Their currency isn't credits, its capital. There is an assigned numeric worth to all things, a price, but no currency to represent it. It's a system and scale respected by Nege, Valuser'rh, Valdutan and Aempis, and the worth of all things is determined by such factors as frequency of use, use value, total amount on planet, and so forth. If Aempis wants to buy 40k worth of lumber from Nege then they need to offer up 40k worth of equivalent items to Nege, with no disparity in value difference.   The Crown provides food, electricity, basic education, a single trade education, water, shelter, news channels and an allotment of data to each and every citizen. This is an investment in that person. Each person is encouraged to feed into the citizen side of the economy, which is largely capitalistic. This puts currency worth to a job, but, again, all jobs require a certain amount of resource capital to be pledged to the crown. If you cannot offer capital, you pay it instead in terms of state service, such as being a Jhoutigari.   The council is the group that determines law, and bargains with the crown. If the crown feels a law will conflict with their capital, they can veto it. The council can veto a crowns law if they feel it stifles the rights of the people; this rarely happens, as the crown rarely makes law. This founds the country on an economic basis rather than a social one, and makes it easy to change the basic tenants the culture is based on, should the culture feel it necessary to shift.

Industry & Trade

Internal Economy

Aempis is a Socialist Meritocracy.   Aempian Economy is broken into two. The government has one currency: Capital; the people have another: Merit. The two don't directly cross, but there are ways to transfer the value of one into the other.   Aempis owns the land, and part of what people make on it. What this is depends on what the people want to use the land for. Generally it's a 10% of their standing inventory, though in an emergency this can raise to 5% of their total output.

Guilds and Factions

Metkrah is home to thousands of factions, gangs, guilds, associations, and so forth. They are largely inconsequential to the larger empire, but are as much a critical part of the ecosystem as are the bacteria within someone's body.


The architecture of Metkrah is as eclectic as any ancient, massive city with layers upon layers of construction always is, but throughout it there is a thread of sleek, clean, well-engineered progress. Lines are straight, angles are sharp, and there's an art to the way things mesh together and interlock.

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