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The Sistine Chapel

- Aempis pillaged the entire chapel off of earth after the advent war

- The humans of the pact demand a lot of the historical landmarks be returned to Eden

- The somnolent reclaimed it after it was left abandoned in orbit after the bannercasting

Spoil of War

Aempis roflstomped Earth and "bought out" some of its landmarks as "artifacts" — war trophies

Purchased into private collections and ruined when used as a museum, then a brothel, then an art showcase

Point of Contention

The humans of the pact start mounting rebellions over humanity/Eden being abandoned -- they want Aempis to give back resources and Eden's culture.

Restoration and Current Mission

The chapel has been restored and put into rotation around Edenic, along with many other Edenic sites.

Moral/Cultural Ship of Theseus quote — "this was desecrated, and isn't the same part of our history as before. It's an microcosm of what the Sazashi did to Earth"

"This is what we were capable of, do not let yourself fall to this idea that humanity is secondary, artless, or broken. We are proud, we can create beauty and precision

In Somnolent Earth, sacred site makes pilgrimage to you.

What makes it sacred?

- Its original history

- the fact that it's one of the things humanity won back

- auric treatments

- Dream Injection

Parent Location
Owning Organization
Where is it?

The Somnolent keeps a rotation of sites circulating earth, showing cities what humanity is capable of


Somnolent keeps a projection onboard to talk to people? There may be Angelic docents.

Have a confessional with the Somnolent -- special help cases from local monastaries


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