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The Pacific Necropolis

The Pacific Necropolis, which is located the Cascadian region of the North American continent of Eden, rises from the remnants of Deadside, previously known as Seattle, as a somber memorial for the great loss of life humanity has suffered—at its own hand, and at the hand of Aempian Empire.

This Necropolis is a complex of buildings, gravemounds, and communal residences spread across the Seattle swamp. An elevated rail connects all the sites, serving as a public transport for the population of mourners, educators, academics, conservationists, and groundskeepers who live within the Necropolis.

The Necropolis serves the living as much as the dead. It encourages inhabitants and visitors to remember the dead, and invites all to come and learn from mistakes past and worlds gone by.


Elaborate gravemounds rise like termite mounds from the swamp, each enclosed in a cloister and serving a different region of the continent. The Church of The Somnolent has built these for any and all to use.


Many aspects of the necropolis double as a museum, and are complete with interactable galleries talking about the local history, and the history of those entombed.


The ocean which once flooded the city now sits on the other side of seawalls, breaks, and levees. The land is far from what it once was, but native life has again taken route and began to flourish.


On top of being an important heritage site, the Necropolis is a celebrated example of climate change rehabilitation. The Necropolis offers study in natural and anthropological history, as well as conservation and agriculture.

Location under
Owning Organization
Human Habitation
The land was first settled by the the Coast Salish peoples, a grouping of several distinct nations, before European colonists claimed the land through violence and industry and named it Seattle.
Climate Change
Rising sea levels eroded Seattle faster than it could afford to keep up, and large parts of the city became shore or swamp, turning the region into a hotbed for vermin reproduction. The streets ran with plague rats and the skies swarmed with mosquitos.
Aempian Colonization
After the The Advent War, many Sazashi moved into Earth's cities and displaced its populations out into the abandoned, rotting ruins of its past. Among those ghettos was Seattle, which was renamed to Deadside for its death rate.

As part of Eden's rehabilitation, The Church of The Somnolent has helped to identify several sites to serve as Necropolis for Eden to bury its dead within and remember. Deadside was one of these sites. Levees and dredging have cleared the land of flood waters, and a city for the dead has risen from the swamps.

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