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Luna. It has meant so much to humanity. It has always been a silent observer of the ongoing life of Eden (Planet).   It always mystified humanity, and then when we could finally set foot on it, it began to support us, like an unshakable ally.

Luna is the only orbitting body of the human homeworld of Eden (Planet). It was the first extra-terrestrial territory for humanity.


Eden began developing and colonizing Luna long before the The Advent War. It's proximity to Eden and vast spaces made it a prime location for human scientific and extra-terrestrial endeavors.

Colonization and Advent Era

Colonization primarily focused on science, with great places of learning and laboratories being built and sustained first. Once humanity discovered it was not alone, it transition to a military powerhouse as well. It was to be used to defend humanity, supplying its ships with ammunition and serving as a shield of the homeworld if required.

During the war itself, the moon was spared from most of the fighting, despite being such a military asset. It was too well defended, and despite it serving as a detterent from attacking Earth, it still could not protect Mars from its ultimate destruction. Once humanity had surrendered, Aempis occupied and secured the moon, using the resources their to secure their own position in the System.

Somnolent Era

Once the Ion Curtian was developed to help defend Eden from aggressor, Luna demilitarzied a signifcant amount. It returned once more to its scientific use, hosting many of the Somnolent's top brains working on anything from new Mecha technology to improving the efficency of human astral magic.

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