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The pirates of fortune who prowl the seas of space.

SWS Hermes Runner Black Box 1

The run through unmarked space goes well, clean in and clean out. Church Maritime Department said we should be back in Somnolent space in two weeks tops. Caught something on the long range scanner though, just gonna try an- Fuck. Nope that's coming to quick.   Lieutenant- All hands to Muster Stations! Shields full! Waysairs are en route astarboard!

— Captain Hans Oswold, 08:23 1-42-21783


Waysairs are the widely accepted term for Banner-Era crews who commit piracy in the confines of space. They often subdue or downright force ships into submission, stealing cargo and leaving a varying amount of causalities. It is a danger in almost all parts of space, but often Waysairs will frequent the No-mans-lands of space where Banner navies rarely reach.  

SWS Hermes Runner Black Box 1

Ships coming into view now. Fuckin' hell, it's massive and covered in junk, looks like scuttled wayship parts. The Mad Kraht, could recognize his flagship anywhere.   Fire forward cannons, all gunners focus on boarding pods! Don't Le-

— Captain Hans Oswold, 08:26 1-42-21783

Tactics and Outfitting

Waysair crews vary widely on equipment and size, and their tactics fluctuate based on their capital. Crews can vary between a squad and a platoon, and can have anything from simple fighters and corvettes to massive salvaged frigates and freighters. Some Waysairs take no prisoners, often these are smaller crews who prefer to scuttle and destroy ships and comb the wreckage for valuables.   The more notorious Waysairs often have power enough to force ships into surrender or to take their quarries through boarding. Often there are little to no causalities on these acts of piracy, but they also have been known to grow bloody should resistance to the boarders arise.


Many Banner navies offer security escorts to unarmed vessels. This service is offered at a cost of the overall shipment, and many merchants looking to save do not opt into the escort. Many cargo vessels elect to defend themselves with private guard and armaments. This is often a gamble, as private guard and weaponry have been used against resisting ships.   Many Banners have taken under the table dealings with Waysairs. Bribes and Credit-wires became proactive weapons in keeping Waysairs out of an area. Tactics of bribery are especially common among Waysairs who operate under a Marque Clause of a rival banner.

SWS Hermes Runner Black Box 2

Hello there, lost ones. This is Captain Rul-nik Tor Mad Kraht. Your captain and leadership are no more than space dust and frozen blood. If you wish to share the same fate, pick up your arms and provide us a challenge.   If you want to see your families again place your faces flat on the deck and wait for us to clean your pathetic ship out. Heros will be made an example of.   Thank you for your patronage.

— Hijacked Intercom Feed, 08:27 1-42-21783


Marque Clauses

Several Banners have established Marque Clauses. These Marque Clauses establish the ability for the Banner's military to fit and arm in order to capture and plunger enemy vessels. Waysairs under this employ are often dubbed Marqs. These clauses differ per banner in terms of frequency and pay. They are often used to patrol areas of contested space or to destabilize the space of other Banners.   Waysairs often take advantage of Banners with Marque clauses, selling their services to each Banner at greater and greater costs until only one Banner is willing to win the bid war.  

Banners with Marque Clauses

The Apple of Hedonism
The Church of The Somnolent
The Federation of Free Planets
The ValuSelu Pact

Banners without Marque Clauses

The Verin Haimarchy
The Jupiter Syndicate
The House of Sorrows
Alternative Names
Pirates, Marauders, Freebooters, Marqs (For those under Banner Employ)

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