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Luna Colony

Luna is the main trade hub for the Church of The Somnolent withins Via Lactea, who otherwise does not allow non-Dreamers to set foot on Eden or Mars without extensive background checks.

Center of Trade

The Luna Colony is heavily guarded, not just by Angels, but by heavy units of every Banner. The Syndicate, Haimarchy, Federation, and Pact all have embassies on Luna, each one in the center of a trade bazaar of their goods. most companies have a satellite office on Luna from which they trade with Eden.   As a result of this tension and proximity, Luna is a politically volatile landscape, and not one for the faint of heart to navigate.
Bring a guide, and some diplomats, and for God's sake: don't talk to anyone.
— Local Guidance


Food and Water

Luna survives mostly on subterranean aquaponics, so a diet of fish and greenery is common. Most other foods are synthesized proteins and yeasts formed into meats and veggies. Water is heavily regulated and recycled, and attempting to poison the water supply can result in steep punishment up to time in a Damnation Crucible or, as some would prefer, death.

Imports and Exports

Most of what passes through Luna are the expensive minerals and gems mined from Eden or produced within its gemforges. These materials are particularly sought after by the ValuSelu Pact and the Verin Haimarchy, whose affinity for meta materials make gems a necessity.


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