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Visiting Mars is both an uplifting and sombering experience. To know that where you stand, billions of people boiled in an instance.   Yet even with that, Humanity always rebuilds. We never say die.
— Human Tourist.
A planet with a grim history, the first large scale human colony ever created and a serving testament the the cruelty that many Humans see in the Sazashi

History of Mars

The Home away from Home

Before the The Advent War, Mars stood as one of two off-planet large population off the planet. The other being the local moon settlements.   Mars ballooned past the size of the Moon, becoming a bustling civilian and military hub. The popularity exploded upon the discovery of the WayHall to Jhoutai.   Mars became a point of defense and of trade. It was the first stop for ships coming and going from Jhoutai.  

The Genocide of Mars

When the Advent War broke out, Mars became a point of constant contention just as much as Earth. When the orbit of Mars coincided with the Wayhall, it fought tooth and nail to defend itself and Earth from the attacking Sazashi forces.   Mars successfully defended itself from multiple invasions, and was preparing to launch a counter-attack on the wayhall when Aempis made the call to launch a super weapon against Mars to force Earth to surrender.   The resulting genocide completely wiped out all organic life on the surface of Mars using a massive meta-bomb. The atrocity struck fear into hearts of human, facing extinction or surrender, they chose surrender.  

The Reclamation

Being left as a dead zone for several decades, the Aempians as part of their economic plan to restore Earth, helped humanity reclaim and repopulate Mars. The first move of the Aempian and Earthen governments was to construct a monument to the sacrifice humanity made.   The monument is a massive pillar inside the impact zone crater, with a holographic database storing the names of every single deceased victim of the meta-bomb. The powerful monument served to try and close the open wound that the Mars Genocide left, but no construct could fully cure those wounds.  

The Rise of the Somnolent

Mars remained a timid outpost of Humanity until The Church of The Somnolent came into power. Seeing the potential of Mars as a outpost for future endeavors, he invest in infrastructure and Wayship yards.   The population of Mars exploded, and the military powerhouse grew at the guiding hand of The Somnolent.


Mars currently serves as a massive shipyard and industrial powerhouse for The Church of The Somnolent.   Mars also hosts many of The Church of The Somnolent research and development labs, where testing and research can continue without using the valuable real estate on the now terraformed Eden.

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