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Eden WayPoint

Written by Ademal

Once a port of hustle and bustle between Eden and Jhoutai, the ancient spaceport malls and galleries which once hosted thousands of businesses and millions of people around the WayPoint have since become defunct, scrapped for parts or sold wholesale to the highest bidder.   What remains is an ominous skeleton of what once was—a maw of vacant spires and armored ports aimed towards the ring, threatening to chew through any unwelcome guests. Around it shimmers the bubble of an Ion Curtain, and Somnacy Angels guard landmarks-turned-battlements.   Above all, a gargantuan hologram of the Eye of the Somnolent watches over the WayPoint. It gazes unblinking into the mote of the WayHall's light, ever-vigilant.
  The Eden WayPoint is a WayHall WayPoint situated at the L3 Lagrange Point of Eden and its star, Sol.   It links the Victoriana WayPoint and the Jhoutai WayPoint, and is heavily guarded and fortified by The Church of The Somnolent.
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