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Somnacy Sazashi

A Sazashi-exclusive Tribe within the Church of the Somnolent

Dedicated to DreamMaker, who asked the questions that lead to this, and made the art and some of the concept.
Most do not understand us, but the Somnolent does. He watches over us, protecting us from the tyranny of the Haimarchy and the foolish self-destruction of the ValuSelu Pact spiralling into an apocalypse of its own Akjhe.   Our lot is not always easy, but for that we can blame the the Ancient Verin Haimarchy.
— A Somnashi
Somnacy Sazashi, Somnashi, are the descendants of those Sazashi who remained on Eden when the Ion Curtain of Eden went up around it. They are characterized by their departure from standard Sazashi beliefs, including a denial of Euphraesthi as an extant Sovereign and a general disregard to many of the traditions of their people—referred to as the "Old Ways."   There are still those among them who cling to ancient traditions and beliefs, but they are few and far between, and often marginalized by their own kind in fear that the association will lead to them being poorly treated by other Dreamers.

Denial of Akjhe

While a Sazashi cannot escape its Akjhe, Somnashi frequently examine their motivations for actions to determine if they are ruling their Akjhe or if it is ruling them.   In the younger years of a Somnashi's life this can lead to existential friction and guilt over their Akjhe, but as they age they tend to reconcile with their natures and embrace that their Akjhe may have been designed to control them, but they can still lead meaningful positive lives with it.

Our Akjhe is a shackle we must challenge, even if we cannot escape it.
— Somnashi Value


If a Somnashi believes in divinity beyond the Somnacy, they do so privately. Open persecution of such beliefs is rare, but passive persecution is rampant.


Somnashi adopt the customs of their local Dreamers. While some of the Old Ways echo in the choice of customs they adopt, they embrace Dreamer ways.


Somnashi are often well-covered and wear cowls and veils. They veil their Sazashi features and show them only if in the exclusive presence of other Sazashi.
Somnacy Aen by Dreammaker

Parent ethnicities

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Author's Notes

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Apr 5, 2019 23:11

Great article! Short and informative. I would love to see more like it that explore subcultures along with advantages and biases certain races encounter in the Banners. I like how the Somnashi's struggle with their Akjhe can be likened to a struggle against temptation which is a critical theme in religion. To me, they feel like the most devout group within the Church of the Somnolent despite the extreme prejudices they face even among their own. A very relatable concept. I also love your artist whoever they are. ;)

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