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Church of Annihilism

The Church of Annihilism was a church of Sikh andBhuddist descent seeking to undo the damages done to humanity by itself and others over time, beginning with Enlightenment, Focus, Mindfulness, and Metaphysics. It formed after The Advent, in the wake of humanity's exposure to the Meta. The believed that, through meditation, the could become some of the first Human monoliths, master the meta, and share this knowledge with those who followed their ways—who learned to wield their power with wisdom.

One of the positions within this church was that of the "Somnolent" — one who had mastered the meta and was now teaching it to others.

When Akinyele Abayomi became rose to international fame for his miracle, he became known not as a Somnolent, but The Somnolent—the great teacher.

Subsidiary Organizations

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