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Traditional Cuisine of Megaloth

Written by JoshForeman

Five doors away from the stable, he found a soup and bread restaurant staffed by children who lived behind the dining room. Even the baby toddled up to hand him a stiff cloth called a menu with offerings and prices marked on it. The sight of such industrious children soothed his bitter attitude. Bowmark ordered the stirred egg, locust, and vegetable soup, then sat back to watch the children play between times of service to customers. He juggled spoons and made faces for the baby until she laughed so hard that she fell down and hiccupped. The mother swished in, pulling off two of her outer tunics, and layering on an apron. She blushed with pleasure when Bowmark told her how delightful her children were.


Cookbook for the Megalothi Home

Historical Details


The most widely circulated and popular cook books in the Empire for the past 200 years. New editions are released as the The Megaloth Empire trade network expands, including new regional ingredients and influences.

Public Reaction

The vast majority of the population finds the recipes helpful, and it's used as a common cultural touchstone. When a new addition is announced there's a flurry of chefs competing to have their latest work included.   Generally those living higher in the Tower look down their noses as the common book and insist on finer and more exotic ingredients in their cuisine.

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