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The Empress Kitchen

A collection of our Empress favorite recipes.


The Empress Kitchen was published to celebrate Ghynzua's three thousand year anniversary. For many ghynzuans it was their first glimpse into the everyday life of their Empress.
The book contains hundred recipes written down by her various cooks. What baffled people the most was the fact that none of these recipes called for exotic or expensive ingredients. In fact, anyone could find recipes in this book that they could make and were affordable.

First Edition



The book starts with a foreword written by the Empress herself. The first edition foreword was written specifically for the three thousand year anniversary. Since then each new edition of the book has received its own foreword. Most editions do include the first edition foreword as well.

Table of Contents

  • Food Preparation
  • Imperial Breakfast
  • Northern Bowl Meals
  • Miraiy's Filled Buns
  • Southern Rice Dishes
  • Heatstone Dishes
  • Ghynzuan desserts

Public Reaction

The book became a much bigger success than anyone had anticipated. Ten thousand copies were distributed for free in Miraiy during the celebrations of Founding Day. Afterwards the palace received so many requests to distribute the book throughout Ghynzua that another fifty thousand copies were printed and sold.

Later Editions

Every ten years a new edition of the cook book is published. New recipes are added each time. The book is a staple in ghynzuan households. Its popularity is widespread though, and the demand for it in other parts of the world grew. The book has been translated in more than 50 languages and is available in bookstores worldwide.
Manual, Culinary
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