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On the west coast of East Eghea lies the capital of Ghynzua deep within Seycha's Bay. It is a bustling harbor city and home to The Imperial Palace.


The founding of a capital city

To historians the founding of Miraiy took place in 252 AP just a few years before the founding of Ghynzua. In reality Miraiy had been a small fishing village for several generations before its liberation by Seycha the Founder. When the original village was first founded has been lost to time, as are the names of those who first settled in this location. What is known however, is the date of the liberation of Miraiy. Which has since been seen as its official founding date as recorded by Seycha the Founder. She became the leader of Miraiy with the surviving women and children under her protection. Historians believe there was never an official founding ceremony of what once would become the capital city of Ghynzua. Therefor the bloody uprise of the survivors instigated by Seycha, which led to the liberation of the village, has gone into history as its official founding day.

Rise to power

Despite its humble beginnings, from the moment Miraiy had been liberated, its fate had been sealed. The ambitions of the women under guidance of Seycha were boundless. They had suffered too many times due to clan wars and lost too much. Nothing could stop them from creating a safe haven for their children to grow up in. But on a continent weighed down by countless clan wars, word about a matriarchal village which managed to keep itself safe from the warlords spread like wildfire. More and more clanless people and slaves found their way to Miraiy looking for safety. They were all welcome as long as they followed the law of this new nation that was forming. The village rapidly expanded, growing into a small city shortly after the Founding of Ghynzua.



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252 AP
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