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Ghynzuan Market Hall

How can one describe the grand market halls of Ghynzua to a foreigner? It is simply impossible to put into words what an experience it is to walk through the narrow pathways surrounded by hundreds of people who each have their own destination. The scent of spices and food lingering in the air. The noises that come with such a crowded place.
— Master Historian Gharun Dolhaim
Throughout Ghynzua one can find many markets just like anywhere else in the world. There are however several permanent market halls in major cities and along the most important trade routes. The oldest permanent market hall of Ghynzua can be found in the center of Miraiy. It is one of the largest market buildings in the world.


The market halls of Ghynzua developed throughout history along the many trade routes found within the Empire. In the beginning they were nothing more than small markets outside cities and villages. Locals relied on these often open-air markets for essential items.
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